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rocknroll237 \m/ rock'n'roll baby! \m/
Nov 27 2012 Anchor

Yes Reqieum, that sounds good.

If you want I can let you on the forum so you can provide mapping feedback. PM me your email address please.


Nov 27 2012 Anchor

I hate to say it, but you guys are gonna get sued to hell and back if you ever try and raise a penny with this project. Good luck to yeh though.

Nov 27 2012 Anchor

Thanks but I am sure you have seen a mod/game made from fans for fans without raising money for any of the work made. Donation can be made(not saying its a totally needed but just pointing out) so the mod's site can be kept online because that is not free but it won't afflict with any privacy policy concerning Star Wars or Disney. This is exactly the case in here and we all do it for fun and to make some star wars fans(like we all are in the team) happy ;] Also this is a great experience for all of us.

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rocknroll237 \m/ rock'n'roll baby! \m/
Nov 27 2012 Anchor

Someone wrote:I hate to say it, but you guys are gonna get sued to hell and back if you ever try and raise a penny with this project. Good luck to yeh though.

The game is free. NO MONEY WILL BE MADE!

TheUnabridgedGamer It's been a long time...
Nov 27 2012 Anchor

Prometheus2012 wrote:I hate to say it, but you guys are gonna get sued to hell and back if you ever try and raise a penny with this project. Good luck to yeh though.

I'd imagine that almost everyone on this site making a fan-game is aware of this reality.

rocknroll237 \m/ rock'n'roll baby! \m/
Dec 1 2012 Anchor

Just so you guys know, we no longer require any more musicians as we have plenty at the moment.


Dec 2 2012 Anchor

Hi there!

I'd like to throw my hat into the ring as a programmer. I've been programming in C++ for about two years and would love to be a part of this! The majority of my experience has been in 2D , so I'd love to help out with UI elements, menus, stats, whatever really... And if there is need for some 3D programming, I'd love to get my hands dirty.

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Dec 5 2012 Anchor


I'd like to be in. This project is exactly what I was looking for. I played SW BF 1 for years in many clans, and still playing SW BF 1 & 2.
I can help you with textures, modeling, animating, menu and HUD (knowledge in Action Script), and i'm training to level design (already done some a few years ago for half life, unreal tournament, ... so I need to be updated).
I have a job so I can only help in my free time (on evening and weekends). It's why I'm here to give a hand. As I said, I really love the idea of the project, so I would be very happy to help you as more as I can.

Here's an little exemple of what I (can) do :

Dec 5 2012 Anchor

I'm a 2D arstit so i can help you ;)

Dec 5 2012 Anchor

Hi, I would like to help out but i have not really touched many languages in a while besides web languages and i would like to help you guys out and develop a website for this project. In the future i am guessing that you are going to need one anyways. I also emailed you and did not get a response so i posted on the forums also just in case i sent it to the wrong email address or something.

Dec 6 2012 Anchor

Everyone please provide some samples of your work. It doesn't have to be finished or polished. We just need to be able to get a sense of how you'll be able to contribute to this project.

Dec 7 2012 Anchor

Morning fellas, this project looks to be pretty top notch and I think it's a great idea. The world needs more Battlefront.
That said, I'm looking to get involved and help out in anyway possible. I'm fresh to the mod scene, but I think I can offer my skills in various areas.

Been using Photoshop for the best part of a decade, so I can help with 2D Art.
I know there's enough 3D people, but I'll just throw my hat into the basket too. I've been working with 3DSMax for around 2 Years, and just started sculpting using Mudbox. However, I'm really interested in Mapping and animating, both of which I've dabbled with but not really done anything of worth with, and would throw myself into that with dedication for a project like this.

Lastly, I can also code XHTML and CSS, for any web based content, and program too an extent. I've got a grasp on C++, Javascript and VB, but I've haven't yet tried to program anything like this.

I can't link to my work, as I've only just registered for this project, but my email is:
So I will send my site link and portfolio over if you're interested.


Dec 7 2012 Anchor

Hello!! I'm a texture artist and cinematic editor. I can build the textures from scratch or from photos and already have quite a nice library because of projects I've been working on. Skinning would be nice too, aswell as simple modelling (I know the most basic basics of maya). Maybe I'll even look into animation in the future, we'll see.
As i am working in a postproduction company I often use Editing Programs and Special effects/Compositing Programs, so I can edit the cutscenes, trailers and Videos.

Also I could help out as a concept artist.

My work, a texture mod for Jedi Knight Jedi Academy (that old engine doesn't support normal maps or parallax maping, so flat textures only):

Dec 19 2012 Anchor

Hey, you're getting a lot of these, but I'd like to help. I can do photoshop/2D design, and I can doC, C++, java, javascript, and python (fortran if you need it...but you probably don't). Anyway, I haven't worked on anything like this since SSB rumble for the NDS, but I'm a quick learner and would like to help anyway I can, awesome project!

Dec 24 2012 Anchor

Id like to apply as an Animator (my primary skill)

here is some animation I've done (some old, some new)

Storm Trooper Jump over obstacle

Collection of Biped and Quadruped animations

Walk Cycle

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Jan 7 2013 Anchor

Hello rocknroll237! I hope I can help you in production soon. This year I start my college video game Design, but I think only from the end of the year I can contribute something meaningful. :/

rocknroll237 \m/ rock'n'roll baby! \m/
Jan 23 2013 Anchor


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Feb 5 2013 Anchor

I want to join. I am well connected through out the YouTube world and can rally massive support.

Also i do mapping for other mod teams for games such as company of heroes and men of war.

Mar 3 2013 Anchor

Is this game still in development, if so i would like to take a role as level designer. (I wouldn't say i am the best but okay :D)

I'm at the moment working on my own game with heavy graphics using Unity but i have used cry engine 3 before, i also know a bit of coding which is mainly in JavaScript.

(Reply and i can send you some pictures of my games level design)

- William

Mar 3 2013 Anchor

This is still in development, you can send samples of your work either to me via PM or EMail ( or rocknroll (

May 6 2013 Anchor

Hello, I'd also like to put myself forward into acquiring a position in possible areas.
I am situated at the TWC website as I am an avid player of the total war games, my name on the site is Dictator Of The Roman Republic.

I've been and still am in a mod for Rome Total war, can be viewed here, in this mod I've been having to do various tasks involving a range of different UI aspects , coding and scripter.
A Wiki page of our mod as well

2D artist - Some range of things i've done for the mod and the total war center community.
main menu UI
Campaign Menu page UI
Some images made for the American Civil war mod on the Empire Total War game.
The images can be seen on their Moddb page,
Also at the TWC there is a forum section for signature and avatar request which I have been fulfilling, some of the work I've done,
Some various ones can be seen here

3D modelling
- I have been doing models in my spare time using 3DS max,
Some models i've done
A model i am doing at the moment
Greek Pantheon
Greek Pantheon 1

I am not a regular user of this site, so as a portfolio I would have to use my account over at the TWC,

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rocknroll237 \m/ rock'n'roll baby! \m/
May 29 2013 Anchor




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