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Aug 5 2011, 10:22am Anchor

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The basic idea behind this site of mine is to provide maps for those in need of them. However, I do ask for compensation for the time put into creating said maps in return.

I realize not everyone is a fan of this sort of thing, but some people have been interested this before, I know this from personal experience. So I ask that if you don't agree with sort of thing to just ignore it and move on, however if you're interested then please visit my website/portfolio for more information.

For those that cannot be bothered to view my site, here is some of my past work:

User Posted Image

Feel free to contact me via my site, this thread, or Steam if you're interested in discussing anything.

Aug 12 2011, 3:20pm Anchor

Nice level design, but it reminds me too much of Fable II.

]BlackPhoenix[ Keelah se'lai
Sep 26 2011, 4:19pm Anchor

It looks like you are going for the new ElderScrolls dont cha ?


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Sep 28 2011, 3:24pm Anchor

BlackPhoenix[ wrote:It looks like you are going for the new ElderScrolls dont cha ?

I've never played any of the Oblivion games.

Jul 29 2012, 1:03pm Anchor

just a friendly warning , the OP is just scamming scum

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