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Nov 13 2012, 10:46pm Anchor

I am currently working out the details of my side scrolling adventure. Here's a tasty summary of my idea.

A young boy discovers the Necronomicon and opens a gateway to Cthuluhu’s dream world. After opening the gate the world mixes between reality in a modern age and the mystical dream world of H.P Lovecraft’s stories. Abominations and creatures pour from the gate and the boy awakens to find his world twisted with that of the Necronomicon. However the book is gone, and he adventures through this strange world to discover tomes of power that give him abilities as he makes his way closer to re-attaining the Necronomicon. Will he choose to close the gate and seal the dream world away? Or will he rule over it? Decide for yourself as you slay monsters in the name of the elder gods, sacrificing their souls to your deity of choice and becoming stronger and stronger. Perhaps you will attract the favor of the gods as you bring pestilence, agony, fury, and fire upon your foes in this action platformer adventure.

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awesome2430 The General McBallsey
Nov 14 2012, 7:17pm Anchor

Change it to a monalith- way closer to the story. In the story Cthulhu was risen and currently resides in earth. It seems like your going to just say cthulhu is real then throw away the whole book.

Nov 14 2012, 8:21pm Anchor

Change what part to a monolith? I plan on digging through the stories more but so far I was using the book as inspiration for the story and not a concrete foundation.

awesome2430 The General McBallsey
Nov 14 2012, 8:45pm Anchor there is all his works, if you're going to use cthulhu and state you're using the short story as a basis you need to read the book, otherwise you're making a movie. In the book Cthulhu comes out of his door which is a monalith to his great city of R'yleh. Change it to something a bit more believable like the kid saw the monalith instead of the necronomicon unless you're naming the monalith the necronomicon.

Nov 14 2012, 10:57pm Anchor

I see what you mean, you mean I should literally take the story for word. I hope to use the stories as inspiration, but no the story itself will not be 100% out of the book. However you bring an interesting idea on how to incorporate events in the story into the game, and perhaps some literal pulling from the story would be better than hinting toward the ideals of the writing. Thanks for the link!

awesome2430 The General McBallsey
Nov 15 2012, 3:01pm Anchor

You're welcome, i wasn't stating to take the story weird for word though, i was saying to be a bit more literal with it though so it won't today those who read the story and create a flame war. Certain things should beer noted and kept- R'yleh and Cthulu and his entrance are those major things that could make people me pissed off.

Nov 15 2012, 9:49pm Anchor

Yeah I see what you mean now, staying closer to the story would make fans of the genre and story happier while letting those who are interested in learning more get the actual story and those iconic moments should be replicated in the game and I think it would be interesting to see it happen in pixel art. Haha.

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