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May 13 2014 Anchor

Hey guys!

I'm looking for a team making a 2D game in SFML (I'd consider slick if I had so). I've made 2 small games before in SFML but it's a great library and I'm confident using multiple aspects of it.

I have a passion for 2D games however I'm the worst 2D artist there is.

I'd love to join any project that:
-The artist knows how spritesheets work
-I would not be the only programmer
-Preferably has some artwork completed (Doesn't matter if it has no code completed)

I'd just love to take my work to the next level and work with a team. I'll do it for free but want an even split of profit if we manage to sell it!

May 24 2014 Anchor

Hello Rukiryo,

Would you be able to give some examples of what you're able to do in SFML? We're a small studio looking for other means to make other side projects.

Also, are you experienced in or familiar with any other programming languages, or willing to learn? We are developing a 2D Java game and we are actively seeking another reliable coder. A lot of code is already in place and the game is stable, we just need somebody to finish the engine and hop on board for side-projects.

Email us at if you want to continue this conversation in private. Thank you!

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