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TioArab23Reborn Im back bitches!
Jul 15 2012 Anchor

Hi! Im new in this website, although not new in creating maps for HL, CS and one for HL2. Now my following question may sound a little annoying since maybe its somehow easy to do, but since i left the Hammer Editor community in 2008, its been a while so i forgot some things to work out.

For instance, i have 2 problems that i cant solve, and did tried many times but nothing happened, the first and mayor:

1- Since the WAD textures of Half-life (halflife.wad), are not exactly what i need right now to create my map, i decided to do a natural thing, addind more WAD files. However, when i tried to run the game with the new WAD file (i tried cstrike.wad for now), the Editor says:

WARNING: couldn't open cstrike.wad

Why happened that? Am i missing something, because its really rare that Hammer can open halflife textures, but cannot open anything else, i really mean, it CANNOT open anything else thats not the halflife.wad and the limited wads that you can find in the valve folder.

2- I think maybe this one has hope. I just have a little problem when i try to create rotating doors. For instance, instead of doing the simple act of what a door does when you open it, its goes crazy, i give it the credit, i actually rotates, but it gets out of the room, sometimes of the map.

I hope you guys can help me, although with my first problem i dont have so expectatives.

See ya!

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ShiftedDesign Levels are my thing
Jul 20 2012 Anchor

Not sure how you were adding your .WAD because you didn't explain in depth but here is a small blurb on it:

Someone wrote:

  1. Textures configuration
  1. Texture configuration is pretty self-explanatory: Click the Add button and select any texture packages (.WAD files) that you want to be available for use in Hammer.
  2. There's no real limit on the number of .WAD files that you can add, but the total number of textures in all .WAD's combined cannot exceed 8,256 textures. If you go over this limit Hammer will immediately crash.
  3. Also, Zoner's compile tools have a limit on the total combined length of the .WAD path. (e.g. if you have three wad files loaded in Hammer and they are located in C:\My Wads\, then the .WAD path would be "C:\My Wads\wad1.wad;C:\My Wads\wad2.wad;C:\My Wads\wad3.wad", and the length of the path would be 59 characters. The current limit is 4095 characters, which you would have to try really hard to reach. But if you ever manage to go over the limit, hlcsg will give you a "Token too large" error.
  4. Finally, Steam hides most game resources in .gcf files, including the textures. So if you want to use any of the original texture .wad files, you will need to extract the .wad files from the .gcf. See Un-caching Your Cache for details on how to do this. Alternatively you can download the Half-Life SDK Full Installation, which includes the original Half-Life wad files in the 'Texture Wad Files' directory (the .wad files are also available in the Steam dedicated server download).

As for the rotating door it sounds like your hindge is mis-placed, you need to select it in 2D view and move it to the correct spot


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Ark_ Needs to finish something.
Jul 20 2012 Anchor

For the wad issues try moving the wad file to the same directory as hammer. Kind of a shot in the dark but I remember Hammer having issues if the file path to a wad was too long.

And yea the demonic door issues sounds like there isn't any hinge point set so it rotates around the worlds origin. For GoldSrc based games you don't have the nice origin placer like above, instead you have to make a brush, apply the origin texture to it and place it where you want the door to rotate about. Then select it and your door brush and tie them to the door entity like in this . Then hopefully the demented door should constrain itself to a sane rotation.

TioArab23Reborn Im back bitches!
Jul 28 2012 Anchor

Thanks for the help! it worked. Now the door rotates in the right way.

As for the wad problem, i fixed it (kind of), for some reason only happens when i use the hammer for Half-Life maps, however when i configure it to use Counter-Strike instead, the error doesnt appear and the map works. Weird huh?


Mod DB - Game Mapper

Oct 23 2012 Anchor

the wad you are trying to use must be in the mod's main folder. for instance, if you are mapping for half-life, the wad must be in half-life/valve folder.

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