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Apr 8 2013 Anchor

When using the searchbar it loads forever but no results will show. However while entering the name I do get suggestions. It used to work in the past, no idea when it stopped. If you need info about my browser (Opera) or something else just ask.

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Apr 8 2013 Anchor

Does it work on other browsers if so are you using plugins in your main browser if so reset to default and let me know if it works.


Apr 8 2013 Anchor

Tested with IE9 both with and without plugins/extensions same with Opera 12.15 (updated) without success.
I disabled the Java plugin a while back because of their security problems. Not Javascript. Re-enabling it didn't solve it.
Going to try out FireFox will let you know tomorrow how it went.

The problem is opera. they don't update their versions anymore and are now in a limbo with 5 versions or so.

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