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Apr 11 2013 Anchor

Hello, and I have an idea for a cheap indie game.

I am currently looking for a programmer for the game, as I can do graphics, however this is my idea.

You wake up in a forest... you used to be somewhere, you used to know what this world was. You find yourself lurking the world, collecting resources to restart your life. Every night, dangers come and try to invade you... but a hope comes into your mind. You think there is other people... no, you know there is other people. You can find them, and you can hire them... maybe even become their king. Everyone is peaceful, as far as you can recall... for now. You have been farming, living off the land, until one bloody battle... There was a war, you were hit with a blunt, you suppose. That explains the large bump on your head... You wake up again, in the middle of nowhere, lost in a strange, vast universe.

In this game, you must survive. Very basic, unless you count the things you must do to survive. There will be unknown, and known creatures. You will kill them, and cook their meat for food. Not all are friendly, and some are hostile. You must chop down trees, with your bare fist if you must. Mine stone with your tools, and collect rare ores, such as Iron, Crystal, Bronze, Copper, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Quartonium, Obsidian, and the rarest of all - Electrolyte. You can cook the ores for ingots of each ore. With this, you can make armours, tools, weapons, and other such. There will be sleep, hunger, thirst, and most importantly, life bars. These will represent what you must require to survive.

Goals before release:
- Create at least two monsters, one friendly, one hostile
- Add atleast 10 types of blocks
- Get dev testers, to spot any bugs
- Create a work bench, where the player can create tools, armour, and such
- Add at least one food, cooked and uncooked types
- Add at least one drink, clean and polluted types
- Add at least two bed types, one comfy, one uncomfy
-Add one teir of tools, armour, and weapons.
-Develop a website
- See if people would be willing to buy the game

As I stated before, I can do some graphics.
Please help me with this project, I'm planning to sell the game for $5 - $10 per copy. Possibly sold on steam (<--- ???)

So, thanks for viewing this.

Apr 16 2013 Anchor

This isn't the recruitment section

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