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Feb 8 2013, 4:39am Anchor

Hello folks!

I made a pretty cool idea in some weeks and i'm looking for opinions to figure out it is really a good idea.

I don't want to write any spoilers so the "why it's happened" and such things will remain secret.

The game will be a rogue like fps with a shattered universe obsessed by circles. These circles possess and change almost everything in the whole world and malforming people too who get possessed. These simple circles will be teleports between these random scenes so the player will travel through them and encounter many weird things. The protagonist will be a guy who wake up in his room and can't get out from his apartment. He starved to death 3-4 times in his apartment but somehow he always resurrecting so he just keep trying to get out. One day a big circle appears on his kitchen's wall, so here is the chance to figure out what the f*ck is going around.

Menu will be the apartment itself with a diary for memo's, increasing hand drawn circles on the walls that shows progress and the crazyness of the protagonist.

Gameplay is simple, you'll go between random scenes until you reach the bosses or an ending. You find random items in the scenes like weapons, armors, ammo, health, and of course unique items like followers, strange relics, circle possessed bodies, stat changing stuffs, etc. FPS camera give us new opportunities in a rogue-like like jumping puzzles, item collecting and code puzzles. Traps that will shoot or simply do damage to you if you run into them. If you fall into a spike trap that is under the ground level, it remove 1hp and make you jump a big one so you can reach secret places sacrificing 1hp for an extra loot. Enemies will randomly spawn in rooms and every one of them will be unique so you must have to decide which one should be assisted first and have to look around fast and realize your situation.

Here is some picture about the art style i made. It lacks a good post process effect though to make it more horrorish. I hope you like this weird style.

What do you think folks, sounds interesting?

Niteshade 3D Artist and aspiring Technical Artist
Feb 8 2013, 5:55am Anchor

Roguelike FPS? You mean a classic Dungeon Crawler?

Feb 8 2013, 6:07am Anchor

It does sound interesting.

Feb 8 2013, 6:12am Anchor

Niteshade wrote:Roguelike FPS? You mean a classic Dungeon Crawler?

Dungeon crawler is not the best word i guess. You'll play on scenes that will be handmade with random enemies, loot, ammo and health, items, upgrades, notes about story, puzzles, traps, etc. Scenes will have themes like Surreal, Butcher's Mind, Hospital, Nightmare, Basement, City, In My head. The first playthru will take 20 rooms i guess, you if you can survive those you can see one ending and unlock the next one what requries more scenes to complete.

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Niteshade 3D Artist and aspiring Technical Artist
Feb 8 2013, 7:00am Anchor

Ok. I still don't fully understand your pitch though.
Because the very definition of a roguelike is that it's a 2D dungeon crawler, with randomized levels, character progression and other RPG elements, and perma death. And a classic dungeon crawler has all of this but is in first-person. So when you say FPS do you mean that the game will be in realtime? Because then it wouldn't really a roguelike or a dungeon crawler (at least I dont know of any roguelikes that are in realtime) but just some adventure FPS game.

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Feb 8 2013, 7:06am Anchor

Like binding of isaac, a rogue-like that is real time and arcade with an FPS viewpoint, so it's not only for the old hc rogue-like players who used to the 8bit graphics with turn based combat. Progress is made by unlocking new items, upgrading the apartment and getting knowledge about enemies, traps, weapons, etc.

Niteshade 3D Artist and aspiring Technical Artist
Feb 8 2013, 6:28pm Anchor

I know that game. But it's not really a roguelike if it's in realtime. Roguelikes are RPG's characterized by level and item randomization, perma death and turn-based movement. It's a sub-genre of RPG's. Once you make it realtime it's no longer a roguelike but an action RPG (or a dungeon crawler depending on what you want to achieve). I'm not trying to be anal here with definitions - I'm just saying that if you call something by a name with an unfit description then people are gonna get confused.

Feb 9 2013, 6:21am Anchor

This may not be entirely related, but you might want to look at an "FPS roguelike" called Delver.
It's a lot more in the style of roguelikes, like its aesthetic, permadeath etc. than this.
I think you would be pushing it to call this a roguelike. But it does look kinda interesting!

Feb 15 2013, 2:15pm Anchor

If you guys scared him off.... >:(

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Feb 15 2013, 4:09pm Anchor

We just consider other ideas right now with my teammate, people don't look that much interested in roguelike fps.

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