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Jul 7 2013 Anchor

Hello. I'm having difficulty with 1.802 on Win 7. When I install 1.8, the game says I have 1.801. When I install the 1.802 patch it says I still have 1.801. I've tried uninstalling the game, removing the folders, and reinstalling. Nothing seems to works. Do I need to edit the registry? Needless to say when I try to play online, it says I have a different version than my friend that has 1.802. Thank you for your help.

Disregard above, I got it working!

Jul 11 2013 Anchor

how Multiplayer games?Where to write your serial is already use..who can help me

Sep 2 2013 Anchor

hi. good aftie. how can i get the installer of rise of the red? it says in the readme.doc that i need to install the rotr1.8 before the patch file. thank you so much.

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