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Jan 3 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone!

First of all Id like to apologize if I am writing in a wrong section. Im doing it here because I couldnt find a suitable section in the forum for it, so please, excuse me if Im doing it wrong.

Now to the point. Ive spent days in searching for custom made maps for the Half Life1 mod Resident Evil:Cold Blood beta2. I had no luck so far. I even wrote to 2 of the key developers of the mod a few days ago but there is still no reply. Please if anyone has or knows where to find custom made maps for it I will be very thankful. Few months back I had found a map pack that included new maps nut the links are now dead.
Please help! Im desperate!

Feb 18 2013 Anchor

I am going to go on a limb here and say that I highly doubt there are maps out for Resident Evil Cold Blood anymore. However I do know there are a few things out that I have found that you can try, , I am linking you this because it has RECB_Scumlines Beta 4 which seems to be a map someone has made but never finished(it has a small description about it stating this). There are a few things there that you may like and maybe find another map, however, I do not know if the map works (or the other things) because I have not tried it.

The second thing I would like to talk about is this, . It is a map someone did not finish because of a few problems that arrived (read his comment about why he did not finish it or even released it). I am stating this because you can ask him to create a map if he is willing. I highly doubt it but who knows, he may also teach you everything he know if you are willing to create maps for RECB.

Sorry for the long read but this is everything I have, good luck with everything.

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