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Jan 17 2014 Anchor

I have been using this site for a few days, purely to download/install and learn more about Warcraft 3 mods and such
I did not know that RA 3 mods existed until I googled for "No super weapons Red Alert 3" and a result lead me to this site :P

Anyway, cut to the chase! Please give me suggestions, which mod do I install?

Obviously, I want to disable super weapons, but i guess many big mod packs do that + other things such as units and textures and such

so which one is the best?

Thanks in advance!
I would really appreciate ur help guys

Kyou. Mornin.
Jan 17 2014 Anchor

Hmm not sure I have seen any that disable the super weapons but I have only played a couple of RA3 mods this one is a rather good one, called Revolution. Since its on Desura if your using the Desura client it can auto install the mod for you.

Jan 17 2014 Anchor

Thanks alot, I just downloaded another one

I could not get it to work tho :(

I was just looking for a mod that disables superweapons or gives the player the chance to decide

Would love to check that out, the size is like 450 mbs so should be within my reach :D (my download speed isnt the fastest)
b4 I download and install, I'd like to know how to get these RA3 mods working

I installed a War 3 mod and it was easy to install and it works
but the RA 3 mod (undecided) didnt work for me :(

Kyou. Mornin.
Jan 18 2014 Anchor

Hmm generally they should have instructions on how to install, maybe a readme file or something on the download page. But if that is a problem install the mod via Desura and it should auto install it into the right place for you.

Edited by: Kyou.

Jan 19 2014 Anchor

I have asked for help here :
but nobody has replied to me

What will Desura do?
Is it like Nexus mod manager?

Maybe I should learn more about it :)

I read the About page and didnt understand fully, sorry :(

Kyou. Mornin.
Jan 20 2014 Anchor

Yeah the Desura client works like the nexus mod manager. Really useful for this kinda stuff.

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