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Jun 26 2013 Anchor

Hi,my name is Adam and am recruiting peaple for my team,our team needs friendly peaple that dont moan about team members in our team everyone is able to give to give there opinion on everything the team is making and the team,if the idea is good we will use it in the game


At the moment we're making a realistic medieval third/first person melee fighting game the best examples of what we're trying to do here is:
Mount and Blades: Warband
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Of course our game isn't going to be desame as them.Our game is gone have a skyrim style map but a bit smaller and players are able to walk around and kill every npc and player they see watch out for the guard though.And we're gone include battle features where players can meat up in large numbers and preform a realistic tactical medieval battle or siege.To survive you character has to eat and drink ofcourse you will have to drink water and hunt for food cook it and eat it regularly.We will also include a feature that you can gather resources like stone and wood and build something like a house or a castle which will be used as your home.There is gone be lots more features like fishing making a faction and alot more.

ENGINE: The engine we're using for this game is Unity 3d

Graphics: We're gone stretch unity to its best everything is gone be high quality

Physics: We're adding a lot of physics which will add realism to the game

Progress:We don't have much progress.We only have some scripts

Team: At the moment our team consists of a very experience unity programmer and me as a 3D modeler and level designer Who we need : we need every role at the moment everyone is welcome.but u have to have some experience with the role. Contact Skype: adam.chaggama Email:
You will surely be accepted And please add me on Skype rather then email me please

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