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Sep 28 2012 Anchor

Hello, I'm Hazza-the-Fox, and I along with VMetallic have been conceptually developing a Red Alert 3 mod called "Red Alert Zero", based partly off Red Alert 2 (details below)

Right now we are at the First Stage; aiming to simply get a basic mod beta out in the community for playtesting, (meanwhile skilled modellers/animators and other professionals can work on the more detailed design at a leisurely pace for a later update).
What we need right now is a programmer who can work with the Red Alert 3 engine; mostly straightforward, making units, tech trees and stats (some of these are fairly close to existing RA3 units). Later we may need a second programmer who can handle some of more advanced stuff (mostly recreating stuff in Red Alert 2- like Countries, 'homing' aircraft, Mind Control units and Chrono-Erase, as well as Tiberium-Wars/Generals upgrades).
We currently have VMetallic working on models and myself on concept art, but we are VERY happy to have more modellers and artists. Aside from needing some good modellers for infantry, the more people we have contributing good models and art at a time means the more completed units we can upload in our second release!

"Red Alert Zero" is a "Reboot" of Red Alert 2, (mildly darker) and combining the best of each Red Alert game. The two factions are the Allies (slightly more dystopian) and Soviets (run by Yuri). We are largely recreating the RA2 game but greatly altering much of the content to make it more tactical; making each unit more 'specialized' and purposeful, encouraging surveillance and espionage (when the enemy is too well defended) without detracting from attack, and of course, making the mod more land-based.
Don't worry, we have pretty much summed up a lot of very detailed ideas of how the mod functions, we just need someone to put them to code!

For more information:
My ideas and artworks are here-
More detailed analysis, including the Mod Development stages, are on our Wikia-
(note that this will also be used as our temporary discussion forum, we are also planning to move to Revora)

If you are interested, you can reply to this thread (which I will be alerted to) or contact me directly at

Hope to hear from you soon!

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