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Nov 21 2012 Anchor

vfn4i83 wrote:nope, the student version is a closed version that only understand itself. It saves isnt read by any other max but student version, can not export any other encapsulation but max. And it renders is lock at a maximum of 1024 with a big 3DMax watermark at the back.

Of course I can be wrong, since it has been a couple years since I last use it. Much might hve changed.

Once again Im repeating myself and saying that this has been changed, right now its more like a full version except for the massive banner that says this is a student version that pops up every time you start it.

Nov 21 2012 Anchor

3ds Max is what I use for school. If you are a student in any way, shape, or form, you can download many Autodesk products free of charge; but only with a valid school email address. 3ds Max is great when it wants to be, but can be areal pain other times. The application has a lot of useless modifiers that no one uses anymore, yet Autodesk leaves in for old timers who are used to them. This results in a very finicky/crashy/buggy experience at times. 2013 says it fixed a lot of bugs, but so far I'm finding plenty of new bugs to take the old bugs' places. Anyhow, the student version IS a full version with all the import/export capabilities as the full license version. Only difference being that it is not to be used for commercial purposes. They probably have an invisible watermark in the renders that they can find if they want to, and sue your ass if used for profit. That being said, it has taken me about a year and a half to get really proficient in modeling in Max. Lighting and rendering takes a lot of practice as well, but is worth learning in the long run. Max comes standard with Mental Ray as well- a very powerful render application. Also, the student version will accept plug-ins contrary to on of the earlier posts. I have several, including the VUE 10.5 XSTREAM plugin for Max.

Nov 21 2012 Anchor

You could also look into zbush for modeling.

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Nov 22 2012 Anchor

User_Fox wrote:

TerranAmbassador wrote:but it doesn't have some of the export/import options that Max would.

If it doesn't have these options, so it cannot send my works to the engine?

rgcotl wrote:
also you could check the sculptris software

Sculptris software? Sry but what's this thing can even do? Just asking (first time heard of it)..

xhrit wrote:Blender is the best, because it is Free and Open Source.

Really? Gotta check it out later.

Helmlock wrote:3Ds max for modeling is pretty much the industry standard.

You mean everybody here in Moddb are using it? Even the big game company?

TheHappyFriar wrote:(search the page for "create/edit 3d graphics" :

Thanks for this link. Now I can search for my free software here. :)

Flash112 wrote:start with what you will be working in! Since you would be re-learning anyway

I'm sry but what's that supposed to mean? ;)

Jok3r098 wrote:it took me ages to learn but having used both blender and max i prefer blender.

So the blender is better than 3DSMax?

Cryrid wrote:then Blender is an acceptable substitute.

Ok, I will look into it.

Wow, there's quite lot of choice we got here. BTW, thanks for the posts, guys. I appreciate it. :D I'm still a student, if you curious . So, there's no way I could get my own credit card that everyone uses to buy that pretty pricely software. I will consider either Blender or Wings3D to use for my work. Anyway, I'm using a netbook (1.67 Ghz). Which is more suitable to me, now? I don't want to get some lagging while modelling..

I wouldnt say one is better than the other, i think they are just suited to different ways of working.
Blender has tons of (at first confusing) keyboard shortcuts that take time to get used to but after you do the time spent on your model is less dedicated to clicking buttons that create/modify meshes or move the pivot points, or even just moving objects. and more toward thinking about the model (topology etc)
Whereas in max, i dont know if is just my teacher at the time, it seemed to be all clicking, i know you can set your own keyboard shortcuts etc but in blender its all set up for you, all you need to do is install. I dare say that max is probably much easier to learn for a beginner, but in the long run i suspect blender is the superior package. but like i say im no 3ds max expert, ive used both and prefer blender. when i was learning at first i trialed lots of different packages to find my favorite theres a freebie i think called GMAX which is very much like autodesk 3ds max

Nov 22 2012 Anchor

well gmax is really bad choice. Of cause it is mainly the same interface as 3ds max have, but it is so much reduced from original max that mainly it is an stone age product if we look at all other free ware softwares today

so the only ones who may use it probably is those students who had 3ds max while they was students.

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