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Jan 11 2013 Anchor

This idea is currently "Untitled". But this game is inspired by all the old Tycoon games I used to play, like Rial Road Tycoon 3 and Sid Mire's Railroads! But, unlike those games, I want to go for realism, with to scale terrain and city's. Huge maps and long stretches of track between towns, and realistic grades. I also want to go for historical accuracy, and to try to fit as many locomotives in as possible, Such as the The Tom Thumb, Best Friend of Charleston, The Dewitt Clinton, and many others.

As for game play, it will be an RTS game, where you manage you company, lay track, build stations and buy locomotives to carry goods and passengers. There will be no campaign, but there will be various scenarios to chose from, and a "free play" mode where there is no goal but to not go bankrupt, and simply build a Rail Roading empire to you hearts content, as you money allows of coarse.

Why do I want to make this game? Because there hasn't been a rail road RTS game like this before. I've always wanted to see a game like this made, but no one else has been up to the task. I don't plane on making this game anytime soon. But when I have a job and some cash, I plane on getting a small team together, local or otherwise, then we'll get started on this game. But I don't seen that happening for a year or two.

Thanks for reading


Jan 22 2013 Anchor

I think this would be a brilliant idea.

SergeantQuin Idea font
Jan 22 2013 Anchor

Hentheden wrote: I think this would be a brilliant idea.

Thanks you, I don't get that much :3


Can only come up with ideas and nothing elts. :(

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