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Feb 7 2013 Anchor

Hello, I am starting work on a new game in the horror genre, I don't want to give any details away just yet but, I am in need of some help. Mainly sound design and help with the overall world design. What I will say is that the game itself will take place in a large cave system. If you would like to help out please feel free to post here detailing any skills you have and what you could help with. :)
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TheRavenNyx (BEEP BOOP)
Feb 13 2013 Anchor

Hey, I think I want to help. You say you're making a horror game? I say I can make unnerving ambience music, good jumpscare moments, and voiceovers if necessary. I've been looking for something to do to get myself involved in ModDB for a while, and I want to see if this could be something.


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Feb 14 2013 Anchor

Thanks of your interest, the game I am working on is based on SCP - 015. The SCP in question has given me quite a few ideas on how to do things a little differently to the regular jump scare fests we are used to seeing. If you would like to work on the audio that would be great. I am mainly looking for industrial style ambiance, the kind of things you would expect to hear when inside some kind of creepy old factory. The sound of pipes bursting/leaking steam/water would also very awesome. Let me know what your thoughts are. :)

TheRavenNyx (BEEP BOOP)
Mar 25 2013 Anchor

A game about Pipe Nightmare, huh? Sounds like fun, I'll get to work on sending you a few samples for you. I can imagine you would want this game to be as detailed as possible, so do you want me to get out my microphone and include a few samples of the "banging and screaming coming from within SCP-015"? Also, as for pipes breaking, the file on 015 says the pipes are made out of many different materials, and I can imitate the sounds of each material grinding and snapping, but I can get to that as we get ahead.


Hear that?  Thats the sound of a DEEEH

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