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Nov 13 2012 Anchor

Hello all,
We are working on''Project Outbound'' an mmo for the unity 3d engine.


In the late 1920s, an alternate Earth has discovered a passage to a new world, called “Outbound”. The entirety of the game takes place on the strange and dangerous world of Outbound.The idea comes a bit from the Bermuda triangle. Ships sunk and never found back. We thought of something similar. In our earth, ships and submarines sink (pulled down) and never found back. The reason is that there lies a portal very deep on the bottom of the sea. Kind of a wormhole that pulls everything inside him. This portal leads to a lake on another planet that looks like earth. Because this takes place in the 1920's, the style on the new world calles ''Outbound'' is the same. Only this world has alot more rainforest. This will create a cool style of 1920 styled building in a forest.

What do I control?

Players control one character in a ''over the shoulder'' view, who typically starts out as a colonist or recruit in the new world.Why create this game?Because we can. Because by taking better advantage of interactivity, we won’t just tell awesome stories, but allow the players to be key agents in telling their own stories.

What is the main focus?
Exploring a massive new frontier, gathering resources, crafting, and carving out a name for yourself among the competingExploration - as a new, untamed world, Players are primarily trying to discover the potentials of Outbound.Story - Outbound is a world in turmoil. Players will find themselves pushing different story arcs through their actions, which will affect everybody.Crafting and building

Target aim:
The game will be free to play with some micro transactions for membership or additional content.


We are a hobby project and we are working on this project with passion. Because we don’t got a budget, we cant offer you a monthly payment. Of course when the game is going to make money, the members will get there share for the work they have done. At the moment we are working at the ingame world. We are creating a jungle and making a city as the starting area. Also we are making ingame character.

- Storyline writer

Also have a look at our Game Design Document:

Contact details: Mail us at

Here are some pictures of our work:

Nov 13 2012 Anchor

So, what type of story are you looking for?
About how the characters get there? Quests? Or both?

Nov 14 2012 Anchor

Project Outbound is an open world (mmo) and we want a main storyline and some side storylines. These storylines will be played ingame as quests. When talking to a key character ingame you will get a dialogue menu (like Fallout or dragonage) You will get options to answer to the npc, this will open new dialogues and at the end maybe a quest.
We dont want a fantasy storyline. We arent the new World of Warcraft.
What we want is a good mysterious storyline. We had some brainstorm sessions and had the idea of getting some wierd events in the game. Some citizen acting strange. Something wierd is going on. Thats the idea we got. But we need a good storylinewriter who can put those dialogues on paper. The storyline will start from the point that the player enters the new world.
For more questions, just ask me

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Nov 14 2012 Anchor

I hate to feel like i am re-asking Cadh2000's question but you haven't given much information on what type of story you are looking for.

are you looking for a:

  • Dialogue writer who can help you write the dialogue for your story
  • A complete story from the writer
  • Side quest that are along the lines of something found in Dragon Age, Fallout etc (where the player gains a quest by talking to a shifty looking NPC)
  • With your great setting of the 1920's Is the story you are looking for some sort of mystery

Sorry to be asking the question, you work looks great an the Doc was a interesting read.

Nov 14 2012 Anchor

We are looking for a writer that will do dialogues. Thats the only way we could make a story ingame. By having story dialogues and quests.
All the dialogues together will form the storyline. Hope you understand.
But those dialogues will often turn into quests. Thats part of the storyline. That you need to do something.

Nov 14 2012 Anchor

Ah right that makes sense.

so you are looking for a person who can write believable dialogue whilst getting the point across

thanks for clearing that up

Nov 14 2012 Anchor

Yes, some one telling a story trough dialogues.
Is this something you do?

Nov 14 2012 Anchor

It is something I can do, not something I specialise in though i doubt many people do

Dec 29 2012 Anchor

I would be extremely interested in this.

Dec 29 2012 Anchor

I removed this post

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Jan 10 2013 Anchor

I would like to participate it, even thought I am 17 but I have huge interest in MMOs when its about storyline... I would like to incorporate a new way, you are just a character getting missions not directly trought main characters, generic missions and the locations for all of those missions are always diffrient, let the other player joins and they share profit from that mission. Ordinary players will have some contact with main characters if they do some important mission in a well profound, if they do that main characters depending on what mission are you doing could give you tips, aditional reward or say more about this place and earn their respect. Eventually you unlock more side missions that will or could unlock more main missions depending how well is your performance.

The main point is that all players will not be the center or important character/protagonist in that world except if their performance as one or as a group in some missions or if they presence influences more this Outbound worlds events in a negative of positive way. Even earning your respect or hatred from the main characters or semi important ones. They will have files of you as they will not remembers well you and other players except you are successfull or known in their region or neighbouring regions. If you influence more than 3 or 4 regions most characters will be aware of your presence.

This is my idea, if you want I could write dialog or storyline even thought my english is not perfect(my skills/knowlegde)...


"motus domesticus vulgaris vita est versus homo novus"

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