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Aug 18 2013 Anchor

Gonna cut to the chase. I have experience in Unity with 2d Toolkit, Game Maker (who doesn't), and C++ with Allegro.

I usually spend my time just messing around and finding out new things with these programs, but I've never made an actual game as I'm pretty dry on ideas.

I honestly prefer working in 2d, but 3d games would be fine as well.

Aug 19 2013 Anchor

Hi fourtimesultimate,

If you would be interested in a melee combat game for Unity, send me a PM or an email :) - here's some more information:

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Aug 19 2013 Anchor

Hi fourtimesultimate,

We are currently looking for a programmer for our 2,5D platform action game. We will use unity for it, so if you are intrested please sent me a PM or email.

Aug 24 2013 Anchor

Hello there fourtimesultimate,
We're currenly developing The Midnight Game and we're in a need of a programmer, you can see more info about the game here:
I also sent you a PM
Thank you for your time!

Oct 16 2013 Anchor

pm sent.

Oct 17 2013 Anchor

(sorry my english) hello! my name victor and i am a artist, writer, level designer, concept artist, and the leader of my team. i am working now at a adventure game( some kind of point and click) and the game mechanics i want are: to interact whit something or somebody you must be close enough, the game have movement, you can collect notes to help you to understand and solve puzzles. the game is made of 5 chapters. the game is named teddy bear adventures and the premise is: in a strange island was a village populated by teddy bears and they was happy before the evil soldier toys invaded the village and try to kill every teddy bear, our teddy bear escape from carnage and go in the woods to hide. the story is bigger and more detailed whit explication for every strange thing like how appear teddy bears on the island and more. the game will be horror and funny in the same time. every thing in the island can kill you when you interact whit. our teddy bear will evolved from a cute teddy bear to the most badass teddy bear in the world. the blood will be changed whit plush in our teddy bear case, but not every thing on the island is made of plush or is a toy, most of them are real creatures. if you are interested or have questions send me a private message when you can.

Oct 17 2013 Anchor

I need help email me at

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