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Aug 19 2013 Anchor
Could your writing do with some polish?
Not confident promoting your mod or game in English?
Looking for someone to test concepts out on, or for a writer to flesh out your ideas?

I am a professional proof-reader and editor and an aspiring writer and I can provide you with:
Proofreading – spelling and grammar corrections,
Editing – spelling and grammar corrections and checking for consistency, clarity, relevance and a variety of stylistic features,
Consultation – as an extension, or alternative, of the editing service, I can act as a sounding board for your ideas, whatever stage of completion you have reached, and
Writing – working with you or your team to elaborate on your ideas, including: writing back-story, character biographies and even full scripts, I will contribute to whatever extent you wish but you will always retain creative control.


I have edited theses, articles and books on a variety of topics and in a variety of genres and styles, including fiction, academic and autobiographical works. I have worked for several clients for whom English is not their native language.

Pay Structure

My pay structure is negotiable and based on the kind of service provided, as well as on the purpose for which the work is being done. I will also work for pay “in kind”, if you or a member of your team is prepared to produce assets for my project, or for a combination of payment types.
• Not-for-profit development – if you and your team do not expect to profit from your work, or are doing it just for the pleasure of it, I will work for a heavily reduced rate, or for free (if your project interests me)
• Currently voluntary but planned for-profit development – if you and your team are not currently making money from your work but you do plan to, I will offer a reduced price or a “some now, some later” payment option, or I will work for pay in kind
• Professional development (new or established studio) – if you and your team are working for pay, I will work for pay or for pay in kind. If your studio has not yet released a game, I will happily negotiate a discount to help you out

For proofreading and editing, I usually charge by the hour (the number of pages I complete in an hour is very much dependent on how much work I have to do – my average is about 6 pages per hour), but we can also negotiate piece-meal rates.

No job is too small
, but my minimum charge is for half an hour – this is because I can work much more efficiently on large documents or sets of documents. I will happily work on promotional material and job advertisements, internal team documents, web-site texts, in-game text, manuals, screenplays and any other kind of document you can think of.

Because progress is less easy to track for consultation work, pay for this kind of work, and for writing, will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


I am happy to discuss how I am credited for my work. I do not expect a credit for proofreading work, or for light editing.


I can be contacted via PM on ModDB or at

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