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Jul 24 2016 Anchor

Hello all! , I have attended this site for years watching fantastic mods get created by such talented people.

I want to host up my work as I build it up to hopefully lend a hand in getting my work out there and improve.

I think this is my first post here so I would like to take this opportunity to say hello! and i'm delighted to see the community doing so well.

This thread is mostly me trying to work on my projects and see if my skills can lend a hand to anyone that needs a hand in their projects ect.

Can not wait also to meet you guys and learn from you all.

Thanks again!


Alienbust LIAM 2

13738183 1484122921613217 629153 2

Minotaur Liam 2

Alien Liam 1

Character Liam Soldier 2

Topology Liam 2

Liam Soldier 2

Batman Liam 2

Liams FBX by liamobrien1701 on Sketchfab

Liams FBX
by liamobrien1701
on Sketchfab

ZBrush Document

Quick Update on my helmet thats being created for a 3d print project.

ZBrush Document

ZBrush Document

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Aug 14 2016 Anchor

so Great :D

Nightshade Technical Artist
Nov 16 2016 Anchor

Hard to judge without knowing for how long you've been doing this.
What are you using for making textures? zBrush, substance painter, some other tool?

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Technical Artist @ King - an Activision Blizzard division
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TKAzA Community Manager
Nov 17 2016 Anchor

Some good looking content, great work!

Dec 1 2016 Anchor

Looks nice

Do you mean you want to extend your portfolio?

Feb 2 2017 Anchor

I really like the modelling and texturing here :)
Perhaps you should do a little more work with rigging/animation?
The alien marine aiming animation is not quite as convincing as the modelling.

Mar 3 2017 Anchor

Hi. Cool creatures.

We have a small indie project looking for a 3D modeler. It's called Rituals of the old. Now 9 months into development. Multiplayer sandbox RPG - building, crafting, adventuring. We aim for a commercial release but are currently working on it on a hobby basis with no financial backing, ie. we're not getting paid.

Here is our web site:

If you find the project worth your while let me know:


Poika Pilvimaa

Star and serpent

Mar 25 2017 Anchor

Hey guys, Sorry for no reply. I have had one hard set of a few months and decided to tackle my work a good bit harder.

I work with Zburhs,Max,Photoshop,Substance Painter- Currently learning this tool and 3d coat, Along with the quixel suite. I have attached a few bits of other work to this post.

Apologies for no reply if you do want to get a fast reply from me use my email at: but I SHOULD be alot more active on the forums now and thanks again for the feedback!

Link below for a newer update. Cheers!

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Joule`On @Override
Apr 30 2017 Anchor

It's very impressive. Like your works!

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