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Aug 18 2013 Anchor


This subject has may have been brought up before!! :) I don't know much about the polygon count in games today!! I do know for high end games like Batman and Crysis the characters are between 10K-15K buts thats on the high end scale. For a more low end indie games such as Trine 2 which is similar to the style to type of game I am producing models for. What are the technical areas I should consider. Are there any technical considerations like UV unwraps ?

casf01 Rigger / tech artist
Aug 18 2013 Anchor

10-15 k isnt high end. It all depends on the engine you will be using and the number of models that will be displayed on screen.

Aug 18 2013 Anchor

I will be most likely trying it out in unity!! I just not sure about technical limitations are for games in terms of polygon counts and textures am I coming for a more older way of thinking? Is there still a lot of technical considerations to be and when modeling and textures? The game will be for the PC.

Cryrid 3D Artist
Aug 18 2013 Anchor

As cas pointed out, there's quite a few variables involved when considering target specs. The target platform can play a big role in the limitations you have to work under while the art style, distance of the camera, number of models on the screen and importance of the asset can dictate how it should be handled.

I don't think a hard number is given in this video, but you can get a look at the polygon density and UV layout of one of the Trine2 models at

Aug 18 2013 Anchor

15 000 for high end games like crysis? The nanosuit in multiplayer had almost 30 000. Cryrid posted a great link; you should probably book mark it.

Aug 18 2013 Anchor

I think this gives me a better indication. got my info mixed up on the polycount for crysis lol. Thanks for sharing that video gives me a better indication of what I can achieve. My target platform is PC. I guess I'm gonna have to keep researching and just experiment to learn.

Delta_17 @shadowflar3 try getting more logos than me! ha!
Aug 18 2013 Anchor

Good Luck ;)


Delta_17/Striker Clone Commando Sniper

Aug 18 2013 Anchor

You use as many as you need. IMHO modern games use to many. A non-rounded edge is avoided at the cost of a hundred poly's but the game runs like crap.  :/


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