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Jul 2 2014 Anchor

I am a writer who has always loved point and click adventure games like Deponia, King's Quest, and The Walking Dead.
Creating a very story oriented experience with a rich world and characters.

But I was wondering what I would need to make a small point and click game?
I can write it and I have a lot of friends in voice acting.
I'd probably go with a more drawn style like Deponia.

Who would I need? What roles? Etc.?

I just want to know what I need, so maybe I can get an idea of what to do if I want to start writing.

Thanks everyone!

Jul 7 2014 Anchor

Well generally speaking to make any game you'd need a team that consists of:
Programmers, artists, musicians and designers.

However since sometimes it is hard to recruit people... you'd end up having to wear multiple hats to meet multiple roles. You'd end up being the designer, artist and programmer.
There are some tools that may make the task easy. For example, getting to understand and know how to use a game engine (a program that allows you to make games). Some of the engines out there are free, others require a fee in exchange of certain add-ons and there are those that you have to pay to use.

Since you mentioned you are interested in point and click games (sometimes called adventure games) here are a few links that may help you out:
This one engine that I found that might be of interest to you --
Here is also an article that talks about making your first game --
For free art and music you can use or

Hope that helps in anyway.

Jul 9 2014 Anchor

Va11ar wrote:
However since sometimes it is hard to recruit people... you'd end up having to wear multiple hats to meet multiple roles. You'd end up being the

Sounds like team fortress... all those hats.

Great advice for him, it is hard at first, but start by doing what you can do, and then fill in the gaps later.


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Jul 9 2014 Anchor

With no prior experience you have little chance of getting a team together so you could just sit back and "write\". If you really want to do it you're going to need to get your hands dirty yourself. For point and click you could just download Adventure Game Studio and toy around until you get the gist of it. People say it's pretty intuitive and point-and-click games are easy to begin with.

Jul 17 2014 Anchor

Hey Cokeysion I like Writing too but to be honest what Shadowflar3 says is true. It's hard to get started if you don't have something to point to an say "I did this". I'd recommend showing some of your short stories etc or trying a something like TWINE. It's software that's lets you make your own choose your own adventure type stories. It's fun to mess about with.

Aug 3 2014 Anchor

Hey, if your still interested,I just wrote a framework for xna and was planning on making a point and click, but I'm not a writer, just a programmer/level designer. So if you want to, you can shoot some ideas at me and I might be able to help you out.

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