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ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Jan 8 2013, 4:27am Anchor

Indeed. If we're comparing in terms of hardware, Ouya is in the exact same league as Gamestick and nVidia's Shield; it's running on hardware normally intended for handheld devices.

To further its woes, I have a suspicion Valve will be announcing Piston (SteamBox) today.

Jan 8 2013, 1:44pm Anchor

arthus1 wrote:And stop being such debbie downers, can you at least try to be a little optimistic? Nobody knows what the future holds. All of you act convinced that Ouya is destined to fail?

I'm going to quote the crew at Extra Credits here, since they said it so perfectly and so simply:

"High hopes, low expectations."


I snark, therefore, I am.

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TKAzA Community Manager
Jan 8 2013, 3:30pm Anchor

arthus1 wrote:I paid $99 to pre-order Ouya and it better be a success or it'll be they're asses.

Your opinion is a bit biased, considering youve preordered it, your defending your own choice, not the console.

arthus1 wrote: I'm worried that too many devs will develop too many old retro games which would really diminish the quality of Ouya, I want to see BIG games on it like Battlefield, Dead Space

What? You paid for a indie console, and you want EA games on it?
And by the way the quality of retro games, is why there's a games industry and giants like EA are ruining it.

arthus1 wrote: I'm for anything 3D. But I don't want Ouya known as the retro console.

Sorry but that makes as much sense as pre ordering something and knowing nothing about it.

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Jan 8 2013, 7:17pm Anchor

ambershee wrote:Here's the final nail in the Ouya coffin:

Ooh! Thanks for that. Will have to keep an eye on.

The fanboys and haters are strong in this thread. Personally, I want an Ouya. I don't buy in to the pie in the sky idealism, but I also don't buy into the idea that it's all a big con.

I want one, and possibly that Nvidia console, because I don't have a smart phone, and can't justify the high price or an expensive contract just for games. The Ouya is what I want. A device under £100 that I can plug into my TV and play some of the better games that appeared on phones, as well as some cool indie stuff. I might even tinker with it myself.

As said, I don't buy into the extremes. I think 1 of 2 things will happen.
1- It will be a surprise sleeper hit, with a bunch of support and ports. I will finally be able to play phone games that interest me on a controller that works. Battle Bears, the Gameloft Halo/Crysis 2 knock offs, ect. as well as new games.
2- It will be a failure, and not have any support past a lacklustre launch window. Maybe some so-so home brew games, some half functioning emulators and a doom port get released. In this case, it will be an interesting curiosity item. A relic of a failed experiment.

Both cases, it won't replace my current Xbox/PS3/PC. It might not be a success, but win or lose, it will at least be interesting, and the cost will be cheap enough that it will likely be worth it just to know.

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Jan 9 2013, 4:27am Anchor

@SabreXT - quite a few android games don't presently have controller support, but if you're lucky they'll be ported.

lancer611 Professional Software Developer
Jan 9 2013, 8:04am Anchor

ambershee wrote:@SabreXT - quite a few android games don't presently have controller support, but if you're lucky they'll be ported.

I would say that most don't, but I've not played many high end games on my phone. However, if the game was coded properly, updating to support a controller is a pretty trivial task I would imagine (compared to the scope of the entire game anyway).


Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming.  --Brian Kernigan
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ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Jan 9 2013, 8:27am Anchor

Going from touch to controller isn't strictly that easy ;)

Jan 9 2013, 11:11am Anchor

Well I bought an Ouya because I really like the idea of free to play games, it's easier on the pocket book, and if I really like the game I will shell out some cash for some DLC or something like that to support the devs. And my gaming PC was getting expensive to maintain so I had to stop dumping money into it with repairs, so now I'm just playing games on my PS3 and Nexus 7 and pretty soon my new Ouya. Seriously my PC repairs were making me go broke, I'm better now since I stopped repairing it.

Jan 9 2013, 12:31pm Anchor

ambershee wrote:@SabreXT - quite a few android games don't presently have controller support, but if you're lucky they'll be ported.

I get that. My limited experience with touch screens (mostly the DS) is that touch controls go bad when it's a fast paced action game, and even most of those are just emulating duel thumbsticks or buttons on the screen. Plus is stops it being hit or miss if the game does have proper controller support. It's still a dice roll if these games come or not.

lancer611 Professional Software Developer
Jan 9 2013, 1:37pm Anchor

ambershee wrote:Going from touch to controller isn't strictly that easy ;)

Well since the OUYA has a touchpad on the controller, technically all games should still be playable. But yeah, implementing a controller just depends on the game. For example, ninja fruit wouldn't go over to joystick and buttons very smoothly. On the other hand, games like Call of Duty: Zombies should be pretty easy since it is using virtual joysticks and buttons.


Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming.  --Brian Kernigan
Game I was paid to make -

Mar 9 2013, 6:20pm Anchor

One thing I'd like about Ouya and any such console is if you buy a game for Ouya you get a game for Ouya. Meanwhile on your smartphone, "we're sorry your smartphone is a few months old, this game will no longer work on it".
Exaggerated of course, but you get the point.

Apr 20 2013, 5:22am Anchor

Yeah well they did say a new OUYA could come out every year. :/

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Apr 20 2013, 8:48pm Anchor

Doing that would defy the point of having a console with fixed hardware. It just becomes another Android deivice. In any case, the current hardware set is pretty weak, I suspect it won't fare well.

Jul 26 2013, 2:00pm Anchor

It's going to be really interesting to see what will happen with Ouya and the Steam Box, I really like what they are doing, they are more focused on the game and making it simple while the big players, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are playing their big game for the mass market

Jan 29 2014, 12:06pm Anchor

I have been enjoying my OUYA. I first bought it because I loved the idea of a console that was equally developer-friendly compared to Android dev. I really wanted to try porting some of my own games to it.

I can't speak about success, or long-term potential of the console, in the future, because I don't know about all that. I can't compare it to other consoles, because I don't play any other consoles (except Wii, but that is for Netflix and Dance games)

What I can say is that OUYA has a lot of nifty indie games that I really enjoy playing on it. I am delighted by how many good graphical roguelikes are available on it (and one of my own that I ported to it falls into that category). There are also a lot of crappy games, but I kinda like that they are given an equal chance. I have gotten in the habit of watching the list of newly released games (averages 2 or 3 a day) and trying anything that catches my eye, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

I can see that this is not a console for everyone. I feel like it serves a niche that is focused on developers, and people who like indie games and people who like retro games (9/10 of my favorite games on OUYA have low-res 8-bit or 16-bit styled pixel artwork) I have no idea if that niche is really big enough to sustain the company in the long term. All I know is that for what it is, and for what I like, I am enjoying it very much right now.

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