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Nov 16 2012 Anchor

my name is Jon and I run a very small indie company called SKN3. I am posting some information here about our new app called Objecty. We have just released an alpha demo for people to try and would like to get as much feedback as possible.
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Objecty is an app for all game developers regardless of engine, language or framework. Object makes game artwork and asset related tasks a breeze. We can pack textures to improve game performance; Animate characters using a skeletal structure to produce efficient and fluid graphics; Create game objects that allow us to organise things without manually editing data files, and a whole lot more!
Basically if you have ever made a game at some point you would have needed to make an editor, manually edited some text files or generally just do some grunt work in a pretty inflexible way. With Objecty our mission is to change that, without changing what you make games in!
So that's the blurb and I hope this interests you guys so go check it out!
Click to view the project page(The download link can be found at the top of the introduction :D)

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Nov 16 2012 Anchor

Seems interesting!
I'll try it and keep an eye on it :)


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Nov 16 2012 Anchor

It looks great.
If I had any money I would support it, I will at least spread the word!

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