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Aug 17 2013 Anchor

Right so you get into it from the launcher and you can play as a male or female character or you open the actual Pokegen.exe file and you get to play as Red or blue..

Which one is the right one?! I can catch pokemon with the male/female character but cant seem to progress? Or when you play as red/blue you cant catch pokemon..

im literally so confused, i only heard of this game a few days back and thought id give it a try, also, how the hell do you play online?

thanks for any info, greatly appreciated


Aug 17 2013 Anchor

Ok...the one with Red & Blue, that's verison 1. Unless you want to stick with playing the very first version of the game where there's almost nothing to do, download the launcher. All their updates on the game will be available through that. Download it once and you're good to go, won't need another in the future :) While they have done a lot...the game is STILL early in development so of course you can't "progress". There's no story yet because there's hardly anything in game. Also, playing online is as simple (and as complicated) as giving a friend the IP and port to join you in game when you create a server. There's the whole issue of port forwarding and finding your ip and not a lot of people know how to do that. It's worth it if you look up a tutorial on it, or you could just use Hamachi. Other than that, you're good to go!

Aug 18 2013 Anchor

Thanks! So To play properly play Pokegen.exe where you can be a boy or a girl, cool :)

When i saw multiplayer i thought of similar to Poke mmo, but i guess not :p

thanks again

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