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Sallycin Mystical
Mar 26 2007, 9:18pm Anchor

My only code :(

Mario Kart DS: 451-067-112-446 Name: Nick

Anyone up for a game?

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Mar 27 2007, 4:18pm Anchor

does any one have clubhouse games and would like to play?

May 27 2007, 1:22pm Anchor

I own a Nintendo DS, but what the heck is a Friend Code? And are you guys talking about playing multiplayer Wi-Fi games from great distances or something? Can someone explain? And if thats the case, how can I find mine out?



Sallycin Mystical
May 27 2007, 2:18pm Anchor

From Wikipedia

"Friend codes" are generated from an identifier unique to a copy of a game and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID of a DS system. Using a different copy of a game, or loading the same copy in a different system, generates a different Friend code.[3] In order for users to become "Friends", they must mutually add Friend codes, and will be authenticated as Friends once both have gone online. These measures (mutual Friend code exchange, per-game Friend codes, and the pairing of the Friend code and system) are conscious steps to preserve users' privacy. If a DS game is sold, but not the system, there is no risk of the purchaser impersonating the seller. Similarly, one cannot add a user to their "Friends list" for the sole purpose of antagonizing the user online.

Features enabled by becoming "Friends" can range from simply seeking each other out for online play (Mario Kart DS, Tetris DS), to voice and text chat (Metroid Prime Hunters). Unusually, most of the online features in Animal Crossing: Wild World are disabled unless users are Friends, with some exceptions, primarily due to the potential for vandalism of another user's personalized "Town" in the game.

Friend codes are twelve digits long. Codes for certain games, such as Mario Kart DS and Tetris DS, are six digits followed by another row of six digits, while other games like Animal Crossing' use codes with three groups of four digits separated by hyphens. If a user needs to replace his or her DS system, then the old system's Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID can be transferred wirelessly, to maintain the user's original Friend codes on the new machine.


If you have a game with Wi-fi capabilities there should be an option in the multiplayer section that says "Confirm Friendcode" or something like that. Click that to get your own code for that game.


May 27 2007, 7:26pm Anchor

Yeah, I saw that earlier. Sorry about that, I forgot to edit my post. But thank you.



May 28 2007, 11:27am Anchor

i connected to wfc but it appears that none of added me.why not??

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