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Dec 28 2005 Anchor

Hi there:)

Im a newbie around this place, got recommended by Cg talk forum:) Im from the Uk;) I'm currently learning the ins and
outs of Lightwave 3d, my passion is to get into the games industry, I hope to be able join a mod team later on in the year
when im good enough at lightwave (<---advanced noob;) reading through lots of forums, iv noticed games comapaniess people use 3d Max
and Maya for games :(, Does this mean sooner or later im gonna have to learn one of the other packages to get into
the games industry:( ? I have tried using 3D Max and Maya learning editions, but I find Lightwave really easy to use.
When working in modding teams, does it matter what 3d package you use??

Many thanks:)

Disrupt!z 28th|MB
Jan 9 2006 Anchor

Kia Ora,

I'm one of the new fella's around here, :) I'm currently working on my mod 'the Mighty 28th | Battle for Cassino. And I'm from New Zealand, so yep, Looks like I will be with this community for a while, :D

Cheers every1.

ArChNeMiSiS Say hello to my little friend!
Jan 9 2006 Anchor

Hey, my name is Matt

Not really a newbie anymore, seeing as im on here usually everyday at one stage or another, uh but i guess this is a chance to formally introduce myself. Im 16, and im from Newcastle, Australia. I'm mainly looking at modding as a past time, not seriously thinking about it as a profession. I plan on being a neurosurgeon just so i can cut people open XD. My skills in modding lie in mapping, and my pathetic excuse for weapon modelling. Yeh that aboput sums me up.



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Jan 12 2006 Anchor

Hi im registering from skool :D so anyways I'm a sorta good coder (amateur) and my friend in RL Spartan-048 is who introduced me to the forums. So HI and i hope to be here for a very long time. :lol:


PORN! <- Click

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Wrangler Death from 6ft 5inches above!
Jan 13 2006 Anchor

Hey guys, I'm new here and I just like to say hello. I've been mapping since Half Life 1 was released and I'm proficient with Valve Hammer Editor and Worldcraft. I got introduced to these forums through the Dire Mod and I plan to keep coming here regularly :D
Catch you all around


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hackinatrix HSE infected modeler
Jan 15 2006 Anchor

Greetings, im cody and i am 14, from New Zealand. I started of doing autocad with PTC pro then i discovered 3dsm and it all spawned from there.....
I got a hl2 mod in the process now which i model and code for, and to a lesser extent try to skin in photoshop;) (this is where i would link to my website had accepted my proposal) most ppl think im to young to do serious stuff :P but they aint seen my models muhhahaha.

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Im gona open a can of meh if u dont stop insulting my mapper.

Jan 29 2006 Anchor

Hi, I'm Metr01973 (real name Simon) and I'm 32 and live in the UK. I'm not a modder at the moment but I am trying to learn to use the source SDK, so you never know you might see a map by me for HL2. Seems to be a really friendly site, I've downloaded mods from here before but never posted on the forums but that's all about to change.LOL Anyway hope to speak to you all in the future.


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Jan 29 2006 Anchor

Hi there,

I'm Wes a.k.a Surkino.
Age: 21 - Gender: Male - Location: Halen/Limburg/Belgium.
Love Rpg's, Strategie games and occasionaly a Shooter!


World of Warcraft (Surkino on Azjol-Nerub server)
Final Fantasy ...
CounterStrike: Source
Dawn of War

I resently became intrested in Modding as i notised the possibility's it give's 2 the fan comunity.
I also noticed that Shooter mods are the most common, but i'm mostly intrested in Strategie & rpg game's.

Since i'm just a beginner i"m hoping u more experienced peepz can/will help me out with my idea's!
So i can become famous in the gaming comunity :p !!!

Jan 31 2006 Anchor

yay I can introduct myself.
Hello everyone, CNSW here. I live in Ontario, Canada (but I'm not Canadian so no eh's after every sentence).
And as always, cookie for the first guy to work out what my name is

Theday We've got them right where they want us.
Feb 4 2006 Anchor

Hi, I just joined. I'm working on a mod of Half Life 2 with my class. We're creating a futuristic racer and we're getting things together. We're extremely excited that our demo build will be up for download by Febuary 20th at . My role in the devolopement was game designer, modeler. texture artist, and now script editor and game tester.
A little more about me? I'm 21, live in BC, Canada. My favorite band is Nine Inch Nails. I just saw the movie "Equilibrium" just under an hour ago and earlier today I beat Fire Emblem: Path of Radience for the Nintendo GameCube.


22 year old animator working on a Half Life 2 mod called Blackout, a futuristic racing game. Which is playable now.

"No matter how hard you try, you can't fall off the floor."

leilei The person who doesn't like anything
Feb 4 2006 Anchor

ski-free avatar, makes you instant win promising newbie. Welcome!


<  insert subject games here  >

god_that_failed undead headhunter
Feb 17 2006 Anchor

yo im not new here but ive never posted before, im god_that_failed, you can call me GTF.

music: i like heavy metal, perferrably S.O.A.D., metallica, linken park, and rob zombie.

games: i like to play hl, hl2, all the bf games, cs, ut2k4, gta:sa for the pc, doom games, resi evil games, warcraft 3, medal of honor: allied assult, and trespasser.

tv & movies: i like mostly zombie movies(god bless george romeo), so natrually im a big fan of dawn of the dead, land of the dead, and whatever other zombie movies he made. i also like th jp movies(JP1 was the first non-G movie i have ever seen), and pulp fiction. whenever im not watching movies, playing games, or lisening to music, im usaully watching th history channel or comedy central(south park is the best show ever).

i know ill enjoy my stay at these forums.


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chis Old man.
Feb 18 2006 Anchor

Cheapalert wrote: ski-free avatar, makes you instant win promising newbie. Welcome!

haha holy crap, I remember playing that game so many years ago :D



PsychoFarmer modDB King
Feb 19 2006 Anchor

hi, im a newbie here too

once upon a time i perused these forums far more often than any mortal should. then v2 came and went. now its v3.

dear lord.


Today seems like a good day to burn a bridge or two
I am the freakiest man in the world!!!!
I beg to differ, on the contrary, I agree with every word that you say

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Mar 11 2006 Anchor

Hi There! I am your neighborhood Forum Troll! I will be glad to post here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obsydian now with zero tolerance for stupidity!
Mar 12 2006 Anchor

Holy crap it's a reintroduction.

I'm an oldtimer. hit me with any kind of flaming, spam, or pointy stick, and you'll get what's coming to you.

Yes you fools. This means I am back. For however long it may be before I leave on my next adevnture.


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TKAzA Community Manager
Mar 12 2006 Anchor

om you noob oldtimer sif not post daily omg sif leave moddb

bitch :P

welcome back

Mar 13 2006 Anchor

Mornin' to you all.

Name's TheKlink (i think i shoulda capitalised my username when i registered. damn) i'm a little bit new to pc gaming, even newer to mods, but i love the whole ethos behind them; nowhere else in society can people be so generous.

i'd certainly like to contribute at some point, and seeing the diversity in concept and quality in the lists, its certaibly inspiring.

and it loox like i've got a fair bit to learn.

good :)

cheeseyballz 100% Pretty Cool
Mar 13 2006 Anchor

Welcome to moddb :D im cheese and im probably one of the most loved members ;)

Mar 13 2006 Anchor

every forum has its characters. thanx for the welcome!!! :D

TKAzA Community Manager
Mar 13 2006 Anchor

cheeseyballz wrote: im probably one of the most loved members ;)

i think your getting yourself confused with me

Edited by: TKAzA

cheeseyballz 100% Pretty Cool
Mar 13 2006 Anchor

damn, i always get that messed up XD

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Mar 13 2006 Anchor

theklink wrote: every forum has its characters. thanx for the welcome!!! :D

I'm the anti-character.

Damn. I think that's lost on most people :(

Mar 13 2006 Anchor

I am infamous for my haughty debating skills. How do you do.


"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146

cheeseyballz 100% Pretty Cool
Mar 13 2006 Anchor

Since your new to mods check out the new to mods feature on home :D its quite fun to read actually :)

Edited by: cheeseyballz

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