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Aug 11 2014 Anchor

Hi all!

Think I got an account here a little bit ago, but thought I'd finally pop by head round!

My name's Jon and I'm a sort of general developer, but I'd guess I'd sort of fall into the Designer/Programmer category. My background's physics and philosophy, but I've been making games full time for the past year and a half now on a two year course at the NFTS. I've done a couple of design placements here and there, along with a bit of freelance work too.

I'm mainly interested in experimental gameplay and new play experiences, as well as the potential for games as a storytelling medium and educational tool. I develop in Unity -- partly because I like it a lot and partly because I know it really well, so it makes the workflow easier, ha.

Currently working on my graduation game, gearing up for a demo to show at Eurogamer in September. Essentially, it's a third person/first person photography game based around memories. It's set in a surreal park, using polaroids to manipulate the world around you in order to piece back together fragments of broken memories. It's played on PC, using a phone/tablet/touch device as a controller/second screen with some interesting interactions between the two.

Will hopefully post up some stuff here soon!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone =).

Aug 18 2014 Anchor

Hi, my name is Victor and I'm a indie developer from Brazil! I'm looking forward to participating in the community and getting feedback from members so I can better myself as a developer :-)

Mobius89 Proud FREDder of the Inferno Team
Aug 19 2014 Anchor
Aug 19 2014 Anchor

Hi, my name is Ivan. I am 17. I really like to play in videogames, nevermind what platform is. Also I want learn gml and make games on Android with game maker studio

Aug 19 2014 Anchor

Hello new people and welcome to :D

Aug 20 2014 Anchor

Hi everyone! I'm jonathan From NazTaiL.
First post here. I will take time to read a few topic around.
There is too much game here! Wonderful.

I'm working on a Roguelike fantasy game. Runelock:

See you!

Aug 20 2014 Anchor

What's up everyone? Name is Bradley. Heavy game background and brand spanking new to mods....

Aug 22 2014 Anchor

Hey everybody! My name is Ethan and I'm an indie developer near San Francisco. I quit my job to work on my game! Wish we me luck.
I do programming, art, and design for my game. I have the musical talents of a dead snail though.

I don't have a real website for myself yet, but here's my game's page on IndieDB:

Aug 23 2014 Anchor

I'm dazza, I started Execution Unit ages ago. I've been a programmer for over 30 years. I've worked in the 'professional' games industry but much prefer working from home with my dog on my own misadventures. You can see my latest effort in

Reborn:X Waiting...
Aug 23 2014 Anchor

Welcome to all new Members here!


User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Aug 28 2014 Anchor

Hi all, I'm Lee. Brand new to indie games, never modded, but a rabid gamer for the last 20 or so years.

Sep 3 2014 Anchor

Hello all. I'm a player from china. I love horror/action games. Hope to make friends with you.:D

Sep 4 2014 Anchor

Hey there,

We've been here for a while, but I don't think anyone ever posted anything... Anywho we're Motion Twin, an indie games company based in france. We like eating cheese, drinking wine and wearing funny hats. Deal with it.

Haha, nah we make games and wear funny t-shirts and such just like any other studio filled with inglorious geeks.

Come say hi someday. :)

Sep 4 2014 Anchor

Hi. I've been registered for a while but I don't think I've introduced myself. My name is Blank, or XerX if you prefer to call me that. I'm an 18 year old indie developer/artist who uses his time doing what he loves, just generally being creative. I'm currently working on a project that I started in late February/early March, and I hope to show you my progress as I go along. Pleasure to meet all of you.

Mobius89 Proud FREDder of the Inferno Team
Sep 9 2014 Anchor

Many new members here! Hello and welcome. :)

Sep 9 2014 Anchor

Hello everyone,
My name is Cole, I am 26 and a programmer in San Francisco. In my free time I work with my friends to make mobile games. Here is my list of games I think are worth mentioning, no one wants me to list everything >.<

Games I used to play: EQ, FFIX, FFT, FFXI, WOW, SSBM, Kirby StarCraft, Diablo 1&2, all the pokemon and MGS games.
Games I still play: Mostly games I can play on the bus to work, so phone and 3ds game. I usually try and keep up on what game are doing well but when have a dry spell I like to play puzzles games like Tripple Town. When I do get enough time to sit down and play a console or PC game I usually play Dark Souls, The Binding of Isaac, or whatever game I can get my friends to join me in.
Game I want to play: A good rpg, any good local co-op game if I can get friends over to play.

Sep 11 2014 Anchor


We're a group of 2nd year graduate students at the University of Utah. We're in the process of a slow descent into madness as we create our thesis game, and we hope to get feedback and play some awesome games for inspiration and distraction. Strictly speaking, Tina will be the person who is posting on the account - she's a 26 year old producer who plays just about everything. We look forward to playing your projects!

Sep 11 2014 Anchor

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Sep 12 2014 Anchor

Hi everybody! My name is Eric and I'm an artist artist.

I've been taking a break from art art out of frustration to work on a game, I'm glad I can join a forum like this with likeminded people who are also bold in their creative endeavors. It's encouraging to know people are suffering with me haha :) misery loves company after all.

My favorite games include:
Katamari Damacy - simple gameplay, no pressure, totally relaxing. Quirky, charming, great artwork, great soundtrack.
Starcraft Broodwar - I confess, it's the user made maps that really won me over and took up so much of my time in high school.
Super Smash Bros - I'm pretty decent at this game, but I realize it's an odd one in the fighting game genre. It's pretty forgiving in terms of mistakes, and it's not combo heavy at all. I love the playfulness, the items, the stages, the variety of cute and familiar characters, it's a genius formula.

Thank you guys for having me!

Sep 14 2014 Anchor

hello everyone my name is Steve i would like to find out if there are still folks that play rainbow six 3 raven shield. it is one of my all time favorite games.
so if any one knows anything I would be grateful.
glad to be here thanks

Sep 15 2014 Anchor

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Sep 16 2014 Anchor

Hello all.

Although I have been registered in the website for a while I've only just started contributing with it, so I thought I'd take the chance and introduce myself as well :)

Name's Pedro and I'm based in the UK (Cambridge). I've been working on games as a programmer for a decade now and I like exploring all facets involved in creating a game, so I've decided to build my own engine + game as a learning experience... and it is definitely teaching me quite a lot. The sheer amount of work involved in making a full fledged game still amazes me.

Still, it is a blast to seeing my creations coming to life (and often kicking my ass).

Here's the game I'm currently working on in my free time: Tannhauser.

@ HCT_Oldtimer : Check , I think Raina still plays it.

Sep 16 2014 Anchor

It's actually my first time going into forums. So yeah, I hope I can be of help in this community. And I hope to learn a lot.

Oh, I'm from the Philippines by the way, so I have limited access to a lot of stuff. And I'm not rich so, my resources are even more limited.

I hope I would be able to make friends here.

BTW, I'm a fan of RPGs, especially the FF series. Other titles that I liked: Kingdom Hearts series, Star Ocean series, Tales series.
I actually played a lot, and I'm sure most people here have played more, but I would really like to talk with people about games. That's all.

Please be nice to me.

Sep 16 2014 Anchor

Hey, I'm Mike. I'm an aspiring video game developer just trying to learn as much as I can. The main languages I use are: C++, C#, and Java. (I know a bit of web languages too). I haven't made any finished games yet, but I've made a couple dozen dinky little prototypes. Glad I found this community. It seems nice here :)

Sep 19 2014 Anchor

Hi Im grindalf

Im 35, live in tenerife am a games collector and have been programming for quite some time now. I used to use Blitz3D, and messed around with the RPGToolkit for a while. I am currently using Unity and should have my first real game released within the month(depends how much procrastinating I do)

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