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Nov 11 2013 Anchor

Hello Everyone!

We are Grimm bros, a small indie dev. We have been lurking around reading Indie DB for a while and now finally created our own profile :)

As a studio we are new, we just had our first birthday, but we all know each other for a long time and been working on many projects for other companies. We are a remote developer and are spread all over the world. Currently we are developing for PC, Mac, consoles and other platforms and our first title is a Roguelike RPG.

Anyways, nice meeting you all and we will look to provide updates with more info and progress on our latest project!

- Grimm Bros

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Nov 13 2013 Anchor

Hello all,

I'm a hobbyist developer. One day I was browsing through steam games just thinking to myself how the large majority of them seemed to just be garbage, and thought to myself I could do better than this crap. So I picked up a copy of Game Maker Studio, and spent some free time reading the help files and experimenting, basically just learning the basics of coding and such. I have been plugging away at a game for about a year now and have gotten pretty fluent in GML. I have found designing a game and attempting to code the features I want in it to be a very fun and challenging experience, kind of like a giant logic / problem solving puzzle. I decided I wanted to join a developer forum to discuss ideas and concepts, so here I am.

Nov 15 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone,

I'm a Wii U indie developer based out of Texas
and Im deep in pre-production for my first game that I hope to release after I graduate college Dec 2014.
I became an officially licensed Nintendo dev in September (wasn't hard at all, you can too!), and plan to order my Dev Kit as soon as I have everything done on paper.

Currently, I think now is the BEST time to jump
into game development, with the multiple online stores via PC, and all the major consoles creating easy access development portals. As a struggling food waiter part time and dedicated student full time, designing in my spare time is my way to express myself as well as relax.

Additionally, Indiedb is a great site for developers, and it has one of the
nicest communities for support.

The game im working on is a third person action adventure game with an emphasis on slow methodical exploration. More details to come stay tuned!

Nov 15 2013 Anchor

Hi fellow indies!

I joined IndieDB recently and yesterday I added a game to my profile. If you like first person platformer and puzzles check it out.
I made a video for my first dev diary. I tried to make it a bit funny while showing the very early images and prototype I'm working on.

Looking forward to get to know the community a bit more. Sometimes is difficult because it's easy to get trapped into making the game. Which is probably something good anyway!

Also, any advice about where to go next. Like, what's the best place to find intesting content here. Like interesting games being developed and finished and gameplay design interesting threads.


Nov 15 2013 Anchor

Hello everybody!
I'm a (currently solo) indie developer working on games for Windows and Linux, mostly with C++ and Game Maker.
I'm also a bit of an artist and musician (As a result of being a solo developer).

My current project is a tribute to the classic platformers on the NES. Much needs to be done, but a playable demo is available on my profile.

Other projects I'm working on in my spare time include a scratch-built 3D engine in C++ with OpenGL 3.x support, a "3D Pixel Art" editor (Basically, a point-'n-place voxel modeler), and a couple of other games still in the early 'concepts' phase.

Nov 15 2013 Anchor

Hello indie developers

I'm Lukas founder of Moon Lab Games indie game dev studio. We recently released our first iOS game Bubble Mash! please check it out on iTunes here:

We are also art and sound assets outsourcing studio provider for companies and individuals.
You can find more about us on our website at

At the moment we working on our new game and we hope to show some stuff here on moddb soon.

Nov 17 2013 Anchor

San-J wrote: Alright, in light of a number of "Hi, I'm new here.." threads, I decided to create a central introduction thread, where new members may introduce themselves, and existing members can WELCOME THEM KINDLY.

No flaming, or anything like that. Even if a newbie makes a fool of himself, here is not the place to flame him. This is a buffer zone of sorts, where absolutely no flaming will be tolerated. That having been said, we won't put up with spammage either. BUT, Spamming is not an excuse for Flaming. If someone spams, don't worry about it. We'll take appropriate actions.

Now start welcoming yourselves!

hey im mick , i am probably older than most of you so ill keep that to my self , i am hoping there is some nice people on this site that can teach me how to mod mainly console games i already know how to make trainers , but i am trying to learn how to make usb mods aswell ,feel free to point me in right direction if you can ill take all the learning oppertunities i can get thanks .oh i play xbox not pc games thanks

Nov 20 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone! :3

Nov 20 2013 Anchor

Welcome to all the new members! ^_^

Nov 26 2013 Anchor

Hey there everybody!

Just joined the site a little while ago and I was poking around a bit. I just started an indie game studio, PinkBubble, which I run out of my bedroom. at the moment I'm pretty much the only member of my little studio(lol pop culture references), though I do get ideas and stuff from my family every now and then. I also recently released a video for my current project "ProtoStar".

I mostly make retro 2D arcade games, but I have made a couple "failed" attempts at making a 3D game prototype. I'm not too good when it comes to programming a 3D environment, though I can make pretty awesome 3D assets.

Hopefully I'll be able to make something from my efforts, as the game development scene is a very tricky one to navigate. :b

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Nov 29 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone,
I am new around here.
I joined this community because I need the help of every PC Indie Dev and I would like to help them as well.
I've just started a Youtube Channel, its purpuse it's to help spread the word about the great games that get developed every year by small teams (or even one person) and struggle to have their merits recognized.

I review only new games (out from less than 6 month, no mods), exclusively on PC.

If you are a developer and you would like to have some free feedback and the voice about your game spread
please contact me at:

I also find very hard for kickstart pages to be found and I would surely include the pages to the video description.

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Dec 2 2013 Anchor

Hi, I'm Dom
I joined because I've had this Legend of Zelda / Grimrock / Game Board / Eye of the Beholder adventure game in my head for the past year and a half.
I've been kind of out of touch with the world since I moved out of the house and life hit me pretty bad.
But my modding experience, when I was a kid I used to play with Rpg Maker Xp and compile together other peoples scripts, and I knew enough of RGSS to make everything function together?
I've self-studied C++ since I was a sophomore in highschool, I never really got much practice in it, and I am completely clueless and in brainstorming I've been putting together mechanics in other games and eventually just decided to mod Resident Evil 3 into this mega off the wall thing.
When I was 16 I tried to get into Romhacking, I played every mod for Minecraft until recently, so I guess I've been a consumer of mods since like forever. (Also Morrowwind, Skyrim, Fallout 2, uhh the multiplayer F-Zero, I used to make games with Byond, I played a shitload of Mitadake High which was cool I wish it still had people who played it r.i.p.)
But my end goal of being here is to learn what I need to learn to accomplish this project and pick up some networks and friends and stuff, because I'm kind of a huge loner and forums have always been mega awkward to me.

But yes hi I'm Dom I hope you guys are cool and I am cool and there can be mutual gain in this community of me typing all of this stuff.

Dec 4 2013 Anchor

Ah yes. Every forum has one of these topics.

Another member into your little world, I am Toolkitz. I did not know of this sites existence until I so happen to stumble upon someone's post on the XBLIG with a simple link to this site. Imagine that! Well I'm not a genius by any means, nor am I some big shot professional game producer. I'm just a simple guy trying to make it big in the indie gaming scene. Indie games have been my life since 2000 ever since my family got our first computer and I downloaded some game making software and I was hooked. Yup, 13 years of indie game making, yet nothing to show for it until recently when I discovered the Xblig a year ago. Though i feel I was late to the party because if I found out there was an indie game service on 360, I would've bought one the minute I heard about it. I'm still kicking myself for only getting in on it recently. Well, live and learn I guess. Though that doesn't mean that's all for me! I'm going to check out the Steam's indie service and work with that since XBLIG on the 360 will soon phase out.

As for games, I have two games on Xblig right now. My first one was a little game called "Ethel's Ice Cream Shop" ( which is somewhat of a remake of a game I made back in 2006. I'm actually kinda proud of this one. The second one is a shooter called "Chained Wings" ( which left much to be desired. Regardless, I'm still proud of the game. Currently working on a new project called "Little Rocket Girl", which I'm going to just wrap up. The idea I had for it was great when I started but now I realize that the game is not going to sell, so I'm now just rushing to finish it as fast as I possibly can. I actually had big plans but I have to draw the line on what I want to make and what I can sell and I feel like I can't sell. If you are asking why I don't just quit the project, that's because I have learned so much in the 13 years of indie game making and one of those lessons is to work on one thing at a time and the second one is to stick with it until the end. I will no longer give up on projects like I have done in the past. I have devoted to this project and I will see it to the end. I will not have a pile of unfinished games just gathering dust. I figure that today's failure is a lesson for tomorrow's success. The more experience I get, the better games I will make. So LRG will be finished even if it kills me.

I guess that's it from me. Let's see what this site has to offer.

Dec 5 2013 Anchor

Hiya. I'm Kevin Nolan, a games designer and industry veteran who's gone indie. I'm working on an iOS / Android 3D platform game called Moon Boing ( ), which is currently in beta testing and soon to be released in time for all the folks with Christmas mobiles to download it!

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Dec 6 2013 Anchor

Hi folks, sorta new to indieDB, and game dev in general... really like the site and it seems to be an ideal place to get exposure too.
right now I'm learning the ropes with UDK, but am fairly experienced with other areas such as 3ds, photoshop.. etc etc.
This is the project I'm currently working on: , my own site
There is not much "game" to it yet, its all mostly in concept phase.

Anyway its really nice to be on board, and I really must also take this opportunity to thank the folks that are watching the project progress and have taken an interest in what I'm doing.

Hopefully this will be the start of something good for me.

PS. I was curious if its ok to tell you folks about a chat room related to indie development/ indie scene that I set up some months ago. I was wondering if first of all it was appropriate to post a post about that since I'm so new to indieDB and secondly was curious what forum section to post that in.. I assume "general banter"?
Anyway we have a bunch of devs already there with some interesting projects, some of them are in fact already on indiedb. Anyway would that be ok?

Dec 8 2013 Anchor

Hello newcommers hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving with your families and bought some awesome games within the last week or so! :)

Dec 8 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone. I am Blake, also known as ObsidianSkin, and I'm a gamer. Like so many of you, indie games has become a major part of my life, whether I am blogging about them, playing them, or making them (not much anymore). Outside of the Internet, I enjoy building PCs, watching anime, and listening to chiptune. I'm glad that I could join you all, and hopefully, I will be here for a while.

Dec 12 2013 Anchor

hi. im not a dev, but i am willing to learn the ropes of the business. games are my passion, and i hope they become my carrer soon (my main goal is developer).

Dec 13 2013 Anchor

Hello! My name is Carrill Munnings and so far, I'm an independent game designer and artist. I've just reached Beta stage on a flash game of mine titled Perdition, which I largely developed myself save for working with a sound designer to produce sfx and music. But I'd like to one day get involved with projects with other people.

Dec 15 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone! My name is Austin and I'm a senior in high school. To graduate I have to do a "Senior Project", I chose to learn c++ and have since made a few games and I'm currently working on another. Recently I have started assembling a team and we have high hopes for the future so we thought we should join a community of some kind. So far I like what I see and I can tell my stay here will be enjoyable. Feel free to talk to me!

Dec 19 2013 Anchor

Hello I'm C├ędric

I work in a young independent game development studio - HIKARI7
I hope you will like our games and I will come here periodically to answer people talking about them (I hope at least someone will do :) ).
I will of course talk about our games because we want you to comment them.
See you in a an appropriate topic !

Cedric (HIKARI7 Team)

Dec 19 2013 Anchor

Hi there.

I've been playing video games since about 1986, and still consider myself a pretty casual gamer. Seems like there's so much creativity out there, it's a daunting task to try and keep up.

Ultimately I like playing RPGs, and Survival games, but really, for me, a game just has to have a compelling story. As an aspiring writer, I am drawn to games that make me feel something, or think about my in-game actions. Sometimes that happens only for a moment in a game, but a moment can be enough in many cases. My current favorites are Bioshock Infinite, Bastion, and Thomas Was Alone.

That being said, I've got a quiet little dream of one day writing (or at least helping to write) a game. The question is always finding the time to make the commitment, as well as finding a project that will give a stranger from the internet with no previously published work (yet) a chance...which, as you can imagine, probably means the dream will never be realized, haha. I'm okay with that, since hey, I still get to play some pretty great games.

PM me or add me as a friend if you want to talk games. I'm always looking for new stuff to try.

Dec 19 2013 Anchor

Hey everyone. I'm Shark. I'm a recent college graduate looking for either a job in game design, or to create my own games as an independent developer. Right now, I have some ideas for games I want to make, but I lack the artistic and computing resources. If anyone wants to know more about my ideas, or wants my help on one of their projects, they can PM me. I can offer help with coding, level design, overall game design, and programming. I also have a huge passion for video games in general, so if you have an awesome game you want me to enjoy or critique, I'd be more than happy to do so.

Dec 19 2013 Anchor

Whats up folks?
While I'm not exactly a newbie to Indie DB, I am a newbie to the forums and posting actual Content.

I began Game Design in 2009 as a student at Sandhills community College in Pinehurst NC, graduated in 2011, and spent some time moving around the state trying to find work.
In 2012, I moved to Greensboro NC with the goal to eventually start my own Game Design Team, which I am currently pursuing (While working a day job of course).
I'm a programmer/2D artist, with a heavy background in music and writing, In college, I referred to myself as a tech artist as I tend to dabble in all of the disciplines a little bit. I came to IndieDB seeking likeminded game designers, and legit feedback for the work I've been putting together. Here's hoping I can prove myself useful to the community in some way :P.

Thuro The Apprentice
Dec 19 2013 Anchor

Hello all. I am new to this site (obviously). I'm a Mount & Blade modder. I have a question to ask but it doesn't warrant a whole new thread. Is there a place I canask it? Like a stickied Q&A thread?


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