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Mobius89 Proud FREDder of the Inferno Team
Aug 20 2013 Anchor
Aug 21 2013 Anchor

Hi, I'm Rowan, and I'm a games developer for a small indie studio. I got into game development through modding - progressing from dialogue and quest writing through level building to scripting... and from there it seemed a logical step to learn programming. When I joined the site, and had a look around, it was really nice to see that one Morrowind mod I worked on all those years ago is still up on modDB :)

Aug 25 2013 Anchor

Hey guys. I'm new to the forums here at Indie DB.

I've been using ModDB for quite soem time now since it's probably one of the best places to find mods before I ran into these forums. So yeah! I've been a gamer all my life and about a year ago started reviewing games for a smalle site called As soon as I get my hands on some software and an external hard drive, I'm also going to be making videos and throwing them onto youtube since my HDD is pretty full at the moment and I'm not really sure how much space hours of footage takes up. But I'll figure that out when I get to it.

Currently playing Payday 2, Saints Row 4, Planetside 2 and Warframe. Just got a controller too for the sake of playing Darksouls since mods haven't really made the PC controls feel just right yet.

Sooo yeah! I'll see you guys around on the forums. :3

Sep 7 2013 Anchor

I'm new here so thought I would just say hi and introduce myself! I'm Jude, 25 and a casual gamer to be honest! Just finished Eleusis and loved it! Next on the list is 'The wooden clock'. If you have any great game suggestions drop me a message! :) :thumbup:

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Sep 7 2013 Anchor

Hi! I'm new to this site and forum. But not new to the industry.
My game Land of Zom is currently number 2 on IndieDB and number 1 on SlideDB.

I'll try and hang around here.

Also, I'm looking to hire artists for Land of Zom! Check out our site for contact details if you're interested.

Sep 8 2013 Anchor

Hey guys whats up my name is seth i play games and upload them to youtube with 1600 subscribers a slow growing gaming channel
I enjoy games like halo and call of duty some left 4 dead MIxed in with some gta 4-5

Sep 8 2013 Anchor

Hiya! I'm the new kid on the block. I'm a young composer with a knack for platformers, trying to enter rpgs and would love a challange.

Other than that all I can say is I'm James and I like games, some of my favorites are Pikmin, DKC, and Skyrim, though I'm not a big fan of FPSs and Racing games (I can play them but I'm just not into them)

Sep 8 2013 Anchor

Hey everyone I'm Brick. I'm the leader of Fight Club Games and I'm kind of an all-around game developer (I'm trying to specialize in code though).

Sep 9 2013 Anchor

Hey the name is Trevor. I just joined a couple minutes ago. I'm 17 and enjoy a variety of games. I was on google searching SAO and it sent me a link here and I thought it would be amazing to join.

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Sep 9 2013 Anchor

Hi,Trevor!Welcome to the forums. 8)


"sweet"  little old lady

Sep 9 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone!

I'm Stefan from Sweden, I am a level designer branching into scripting and some modeling. I've mostly been modding in wc3 and sc2 until I started at a gamedev education called The Game Assembly, currently I spend my days as an intern at Defrost Games making a TBA game.

I like listening to pretantious metalbands, playing highpaced rts-games (dota, starcraft etc), practise martial arts and eat stuff.

Sep 11 2013 Anchor

Greetings and Salutations......

I'm not really a Newbie, but a Oldbie who forgot his username and password.

Anyway, I now own DAWN OF WAR one and two and all their expansions and for some reason. I still prefer the original to the second one. Despite it's better graphics.

I used to have quite collection of MODS that I downloaded mostly from RELIC FORUM. Though, that was on a computer that now no longer works. Even though I managed to save and transfer every file from it. All the MODS I have on it are lost amongst all the other files I have now put into onto external storage device. Anyway, a while before my old computer died. All the MODS that I had installed suddenly disappeared one day. Very mysterious occurance this was. Since then I haven't been able to retrieve them or even relocate them on RELIC FORUMS. Although, they were still downloaded on my computer at the time. I would have been a huge task to relocate them all and reinstall them with the MOD MANANAGER and their various patches.

Now, I have come back to it. I would like to relocate and reinstall them all again. Though right now I have two computers. I have regular PC with a broken keyboard that I have all of the DAWN OF WAR games on and a Laptop that works better and may install all the games on it in the very near future.

The only mods that I recall are.....

TYRANIDS Which there was a lot of work done for this. Though, I think there were still some place-holder graphic model for some units. This MOD was still very impressive in it's unfinished state and very different from what had been implemented in DAWN OF WAR: 2! Anyway, it does look a lot like a earlier build of the TYRANIDS MOD I found here right now. This particular version I had been updated for DARK CRUSADE only! As before I had even purchased SOUL STORM.

TAU This one was quite impressive for being another unfinished work and it was very different from what had been implemented in DARK CRUSADE! They didn't use those hover drone builder units, but had assigned one of the lower caste Tau themselves as the builder. It was only updated to either the vanilla DAWN OF WAR game or it's first expansion WINTER ASSAULT! Impressive, but still with a lot of placeholder graphic models.

SISTERS OF BATTLE This was very good. It had every unit including the Arbites and flying Cherubs. Every unit, except for the Uber Penitent Engine unit that was locked. This mods was very similer to what was implemented in SOUL STORM if not more impressively. It was even given some heavy metal electric guitars on the main menu screen which was unfortunately messed up. I believe this had been updated for DARK CRUSADE only.

DAEMON HUNTERS This was my favourite. As they had this cool looking quasi-scifi looking medieval stone tower as their Head-quarters. They had their cybernetic builder unit that could hover up or down. Scholar units that wielded lasers, Psykers, Grey Knights, and the Inquisitor Commander Unit. What Liked most was these torches or lamp post you could build and light up and they would slow down the enemy. Very impressive and I think this one was updated for DARK CRUSADE!

HARLIQUINS: DANCE OF DEATH This one was another favourite of mine and was made official as it was included on a demo disc. It had Mimes, Troupers, Death Jesters, and my two favourite units the Shadow-Seer and Solitair. There was also their very impressive Eldar walker unit. I missed this MOD greatly. I think it was originally made for WINTER ASSAULT and then updated DARK CRUSADE!

DAWN OF STEEL Now, I don't know much about these fellows, but they seem more down to earth then the other factions. They look a lot like Nazis with lazer guns. They had had a very interesting head quarters, they horse riding units, they had Paratroopers, and this commander unit with trenchcoat and long beard. Forget who they all were, actually. To be honest, my knowledge of the WARHAMMER 40K cannon has never really been good. I have only leanrt about it through playing these computer games.

There was also another two mods with Space Marines on Motor-bikes. They even had a option where they would play the song LOW RIDER and there was a MOD with the massive War-Dog in it.

I would really like to rediscover these MODS or some thing like them if they are no longer available. Preferably for the SOUL STORM expansion. Which I must say was disappointing. Those aerial units didn't animate properly.

I would also like to know where is the MOD MANAGER? This is very important to me.

Please help!!!!!


Sep 11 2013 Anchor

Hello, I'm an incoming game developer who is going to learn game developing from scratch.

First let me introduce myself. I'm Homer, a YT amateur v-logger who talks about video game topics and also a Let's Player. I'm currently working on an idea to incorporate ideas from Klonoa: Empire of Dreams, ActRaiser and Ys III in a game but since I'm just getting started I need to learn the ropes first.

If you're curious on what I do on my free time here is my channel:

Sep 11 2013 Anchor

Hi.. newbie here. I got a few Desura keys from bundles I have bought and wanted to take a look around on this site as well to find some diversity in games and not just the stuff that gets huge backing and ends up on other sites. I have been PC gaming for many years now.. I know showing my age... and enjoy many types of games.. in fact there are few types I have not enjoyed so far. I recently got RPG Maker as well and have been trying to think of things I might want to make taht other people might enjoy playing.. but also very new at this. Just wanted to say Hi for now :)

Sep 12 2013 Anchor

My name is z00m and I am a total n00b to the modding scene. I am currently playing Dark Souls and I would like to use that game as my gateway into modding. Could you please inform me as to how I can get started making mods for Dark Souls. I would like to know specifically how I can access the games code and start experimenting by making minor changes to it in hopes of one day growing to be capable of making fully fledged mods like the kind available on this website. Thank you.

Sep 12 2013 Anchor

I'm Butch and not so new to ModDB and I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. I was also the first man on the moon, and used my time-traveling capabilities to go back and shoot Hitler in the head at the end of WWII. I am also a demigod who likes long walks on the beach and vanilla ice cream, i can also speak over 30 different languages like Deutsch, español, slovenščina, and 中國的 ect. BTW i also like video games.

Sep 12 2013 Anchor

Hello, I am Amanda. Or you can call me Mandy, it really doesn't matter to me. I've been a gamer since I first started school. I am 21 and currently loving the hell out of some Project Zomboid and impatiently waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5!

Sep 20 2013 Anchor

My name is Dylan Williams. I'm 21 years old. I'm new to the game development community. I've been playing video games since I was 4 years old. My first game was Kirby's Adventure for the NES. It's one of my favorite games of all time, along with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro for the PS1 and PS2. My favorite games for PS3 include: Uncharted, God of War 3, MLB 10: The Show, and Heavy Rain. My favorite non-exclusive games include: XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Rayman Origins, Skyrim, GTA 4, . Favorite PC titles include Don't Starve, Simcity, The Sims, and Starcraft.
I enjoyed playing video games so much, that I thought to myself one day, "Why not make them?" That was about 6 years ago. It's been a rocky start, but I think I've finally got it figured out and in the process of creating my first game.
My only issue is art. I'm no good at art. If you are interested in working with me for the artsy side of games, feel free to contact me and we'll discuss cuts and royalites. I'm a fair person, I will not play you. I know if I want good art, it's best not to bite the hand that feeds you. Thank you

Sep 21 2013 Anchor

Hey everyone. My name is David and I'm new to IndieDB.

I have been playing games since god knows when. Maybe since the original gameboy, NES, Sega Megadrive era? I also have a background in software development. So when I was thinking about what to do in life, making games sort of just came naturally to me.

First of all, I'm a gamer. Secondly, I know how to program/develop. So why not merge them?

And I'm also the guy behind WhiteSponge ( and I'm currently crafting a strategy JRPG, Small Chronicles. Do check it out and follow the latest updates on it.

It's my 1st day in IndieDB but I'm already liking the vibe here. Cheers everyone!

Sep 21 2013 Anchor

Hey my name is Jacob. I am 16 years old. I am working on a cool game at the moment that I wish to sell here. I also want to check out all of your games1 I can't wait to get started!

Mobius89 Proud FREDder of the Inferno Team
Sep 24 2013 Anchor
Sep 25 2013 Anchor

Hello, decided to check out this site and been reading various sections and hit the forums to say hello. Just registered and looking forward to finding new games and mods, as well as start work on my own project (i'll make a post about what i need later)

I am Brandon, live in kansas, I have 4 years of college in IT with 6 Certifications (A+, Net+ etc). I do not have any coding experience. I am very passionate about gaming and i love to write and design and create games, i just do not have an official or educated background in it...yet. At this point in my life i want to start something different, having been doing Computer work for so long, i find that its not really satisfying, and there is no jobs here to speak of, i am currently working at Walmart 3rd shift.

Anyways i want to shift my priorities to something i am really into and love to do: create/design games. And when i say that i mean of the RPG/D&D type of games. I have been playing RPG's since the NES days, all through SNES and PS1 and now PS3/4. But my real focus is on PC, and it started with the internet age and Diablo 1, Starcraft and all blizzard games. I have been playing D&D games for just as long, and love just about every D&D based game out there, even having tried the new Neverwinter mmo.

My goal is to gather some friends who are like-minded and passionate about gaming and games like i am and create and design "the perfect rpg experience" but that's a pretty bold statement. What i mean is that i grow tired of the same games these days, i certainly enjoy playing them, but there is always something missing in my opinion, a feature, or a idea that sparks my creative side, and i wish to someday be able to create a game where i can put everything i have learned/experienced/wanted in an RPG all into 1 game.

A game that has the most fun features, designs, and just something that i can play and constantly able to update and add to. Static games are something that have always made me want to design away from. I am wanting to create games that are always constantly evolving, changing, updating and moving forward, progression players can see and experience (like most mmo's)

I've played just about every RPG on PC, single player and MMO over the years. From EQ, to World of Warcraft (my current game of choice) to old school pen-paper tabletop, i love it all. Dungeon Siege, Dragon Age, Diablo, DDO, Wow, EQ, Rift, all of which i have designed/made addons, mods etc along the way in an effort to curb my craving for something more. When i'm given a basic game core, it lets me add and experiment, but to many games these days still are restrictive...that's why i am get some help from a great community such as moddb, and find the help and tools that i need to succeed in this new adventure.

So long post, but here's hoping that joining you all will finally get my project moving forward, and I'll be asking tons of questions and learning and updating along the way

as they say "its not the destination that's important, its the journey to get there"

Sep 25 2013 Anchor

Welcome to the group! ^_^

Sep 27 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone!

Just realised we've not posted at all, so time to say hello! We're Firebrand Games. We have two studios with small, close teams. One in Glasgow, Scotland, and the other in Merritt Island, Florida. We've mostly worked on contract jobs for clients until recently, although we have had a few original IP releases over the years. We're currently shifting our focus to develop and self-publish our own games, with mobile/tablet devices being our main platform; any suitable platform is considered though.

We recently released Solar Flux HD for iPad in August, but due to the demand for other platforms, we've just announced that PC, Android and iPhone are on their way too! :)

We have a few other projects being worked on just now, but are still in a very early stage, so we'll be getting more information out about them soon!

Sep 27 2013 Anchor

Hi all, so, I'm David. I like games. Mostly RPGs and strategic ones. I'm a Virgo (apparently). I write.

OK, I'll flesh that out a bit.

I'm a strong writer and an ideas man, not a coder or graphics designer. My background informs everything I write: I have two Degrees in political philosophy, I'm a geopolitics and history wonk, and I'm an enormous high-concept sci-fi buff, amongst other levels of geekdom in literature, heritage and art. If you're hiring, my big selling point is that I can help create game worlds with real depth, including plausible history, politics and philosophies. I'm a deep thinker by nature, and that always comes out in the themes and ideas I factor in to my writing.

My 'day job' (though unpaid at present) is in the non-profit sector, where I've been developing a project focused on regional social mobility in northern England. Which means I also have plenty of experience under my belt of developing unconventional projects from a cold start.

I'm open to offers from anyone who's looking for a writer to work on concept development, game worlds, narrative and plot. I've also decided to start off with a bang, and already posted an appeal for collaborators in 'Game Ideas' around a new concept for an FPS/RPG.

Of course, I'll also be lurking around a bit in the months to come and chipping in on issues which pique my interest.

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