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Ye_Darke_One Abyssal Master
Jul 30 2005, 11:33pm Anchor

well i need them to be seperate. they have ZH and Generals together.

ThePirate The moddb swashbuckler
Aug 3 2005, 7:23pm Anchor

I'm Andrew and I'm from Los Angeles. I'm 17 and I just love this site! I play pretty much first person shooters like the Half-Life series, COD, UT2k4, etc. The only things I've played besides fps's are classic NES and SNES games and Final Fantasy 2 and Chronotrigger. That's all I can think of for now. See you all around the forums! Oh yeah, I like collecting tobacco pipes and someday smoking them.


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Hastings Sarcasm is just one more service I offer.
Aug 4 2005, 11:16pm Anchor

Hey nice site ya got here. My names Hastings and I've been thinking of making a mod for a while now...

Don't know if I'll do it though...


Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

Aug 9 2005, 1:32am Anchor

Hello my name is CommandoTotalGamer and i am now officially
working on a mod for Battlefield 2 but not yet ready why?
I need Web Hosters for our mod and a team to get ready on the project i will tell you the storyline later but when our web site is open and the forms you change the storyline to make it better if you want to change it.
i Know how to bulid a web site i took a SchoolHome-class How to bulid web sites and how to use photoshop i used know to how use web-buliders-and FlashMovie tool but that was like when i was 15 years old and now i am 18 i used like buliding web-sites and flash movies and when i took that class i made own first flash movie about one stealth bomber dropping one Bomb on Desert landscape i named the plane zf1 i will never forget when i used build my first own web site and
now that i am 18 i have no web sites tools and even flash tools and i have no photoshop but i used to learned it and used play Counter Strike after the lessons
that i will never forget and nice web site its my favorite Mod Web site

Aug 10 2005, 7:49am Anchor

Hello everyone my name is Muztech i have been looking evreywere to join a forum with people who can listen and teach me more about cars ive loved cars since i was litlle and as i grew older i became more and more interested. About a 3 ago when i was 15 one of my uncles past away and left me with a large sum of money when i turned 18 i bought an R34 skyline i have been working on it and have enterd it into Autosalon i hope i win any way if any body wants to know anything else about my car or how i have worked please tell me. P.S can someone tell me if this were im supposed to be if i want to talk about things like this

CPHighwind Fish Bulb
Aug 16 2005, 10:47pm Anchor

Hi, I've joined modDB since im currently making a mod for Half-Life 2. Im going to work on it before actually adding it to the database though. :D

Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
Aug 16 2005, 11:11pm Anchor



Welcome to the randomness. If you have a question, ask someone with dots next to their name like mine.

Aug 28 2005, 2:20am Anchor

Hi, I've just signed in :) Pretty nice forum you got here. I'm lookin forward to posting in your discussion threads.


Trivia- I Love It

GeorgeTheTrout Flying Fish
Aug 28 2005, 6:51pm Anchor

Hello, my name isn't George, contrary to popular belief, it's Dan. I live in the North-East of jolly old England where I spend most of my time sat in front of my computer or at work. (I work at McDonalds, by the way). When I'm not doing that stuff, I'm normally socialising with friends or shouting at my siblings. I am 16 years old, starting college in a few weeks and hope to work in the field of Psychology.

Well, that's me all nerded out, byeeeeeeee!

Sep 9 2005, 9:15pm Anchor

How can you be starting college at age 16?

Alias90 I don't need no stikin' custom title.
Sep 12 2005, 4:46pm Anchor

Hi everyone,

My name is Robin Ferreira, I was born in 1985, been a game player since I could talk, I am a big fan of the early Sierra Games such as Kings Quest, Quest for Glory, Space Quest etc.

Not forgetting other companies like Apogee, and all the other games that made my childhood very fun. Specially Commander Keen, gosh I love that. :)

Moving on to the future, Half Life & the Quake series really got me into FPS, Quake 2 is still on my list as one of the finest games of all time, Half Life 1 & Quake 2 are a tie in my books. LEts see if Quake 4 & HAlf Life 2 can compete.

I've been following this website for about 2 years, now I decided to join the community.


Sep 20 2005, 2:21pm Anchor

Hi Mod Fans,

I'm a newbie to this site. Looks like a good one, though. I'm glad to be here.

My favorite genre of games are the RPGs, especially Morrowind. I think it's the best game ever. I am looking forward to the release of Oblivion. I also really enjoy all of the Unreal series. By downloading mods, these games are kept fresh. I never get tired of playing them.


God loves you, and so do I!
De Colores

deathmedic3rd Metal Head
Sep 20 2005, 2:29pm Anchor

Chunky.The.Tree wrote:How can you be starting college at age 16?

in the uk you finnish high school at 16.. then you go to college..


running a hot rodded mac mini

Sep 20 2005, 2:56pm Anchor

goes for the same in Finland.

2 years left.... aauuugh the pain.....



TheRambo Hello.
Sep 22 2005, 12:26pm Anchor

here in germany you usually finish at the age of 18-19...
And I'm in my last year :D


OMG it's teh Raaaaammmbooo!!!

garrett Ω I didn't do it Ω
Sep 22 2005, 12:45pm Anchor

Hi I'm garrett, I joined in 2003. I'm really exited to join this site!

TheRambo Hello.
Sep 22 2005, 1:20pm Anchor

Do I smell irony?


OMG it's teh Raaaaammmbooo!!!

Oct 6 2005, 11:59am Anchor

Hello people. :) I'm a n00b to the forum and to the mod scene, so be gentle with me.


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Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
Oct 6 2005, 7:43pm Anchor

If anyone gives you trouble, report it to me! :D

Wilhelm_III Who the hell do I think I am?
Oct 7 2005, 12:23am Anchor

/me gives Jiao trouble :paranoid:

Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
Oct 7 2005, 5:28pm Anchor

Mouse pointer hovers over "Ban"

If you bother the n00blets, you shall perish ;(

Oct 10 2005, 4:21pm Anchor

LMAO. Whew - thanks Sticky! I was all scared there for a minute... :lol:


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Raging_Demon Ignoble Miscreant
Oct 14 2005, 3:59am Anchor

On this planet we are called Dameon, but where we are from, our collective conscienceness is referred to as the wrath of the Inconceivable. We are jacks of all trades. Recently decideing to get into coding, modding, and web design(html, flash etc...) because of our relentless passion for Warhammer 40k. Our curiosity was piqued to come to this strange planet, under the impression that we could find a different species with similar interests(thus the interest in this site/forum/database). We look foward to communicating with the rest of this mosh-posh group of misfits, because other homo-sapiens bore us.

Raging_Demon wrote:To all life forms below us, may the energies of the universe bring you a slow painful existence

Edited by (in order): Raging_Demon, Raging_Demon


N tyme U will all bear the weight of you own mortality


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Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War
Warhammer 40k: Winter Assault
Unreal Tournament 2003
Unreal Tournament 2004
Quake 3 Arena/Team Arena

Oct 14 2005, 8:29am Anchor

My girlfriend joined for some reason lol.


Krycha ♥♥♥
Oct 14 2005, 8:36am Anchor

I sense excitement upon ModDBers.



Mod DB 1337 Polsky Man™ /// still here, lurking!
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