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Jul 5 2013, 2:13pm Anchor

Welcome to IndieDB everybody! ^_^

Jul 14 2013, 6:33pm Anchor

Hey, I'm Sterling and I'm new but I've been lurking around the site for a long time.

Jul 14 2013, 9:05pm Anchor

Hi everyone, I'm an indie developer from Alberta, Canada, and founder of the gaming studio Dioxis Mining. I've just completed my first iOS title, "Whirl the Squirre." It's great to be on the forums, and I look forward to chatting with everyone. Here's a Whirl screenshot for your enjoyment ^_^:

Whirl the Squirrel Screenshot 1

Mobius89 Proud FREDder of the Inferno Team
Jul 17 2013, 12:52pm Anchor
Jul 18 2013, 10:52am Anchor

Hello everyone! I'm Jukka, a multipurpose-artist from Finland. I'm part of Team Jolly Roger and currently working on Interplanetary, as a multipurpose-artist.
I graduated as a something-of-a-designer two years ago (my studies included graphic design and product design).

I'm new to games industry, so I'm learning as I go. My strongest side is still 2D art but I strive to learn 3D and I sometimes dabble in video editing. I haven't used forums in the past, but hopefully now I can get started. :)

Jul 18 2013, 1:30pm Anchor

Welcome to the community! ^_^

Jul 18 2013, 1:37pm Anchor

Welcome to the forums, Jukka! Good luck with your project!

Jul 23 2013, 8:50am Anchor

I go by the name Brian!! Games are awesome and I love Boxing and did it for 3 years. In the next year I hope to have a game finished or full working demo for a proposal. Mexican food is biblical!! I have been a year out of college and looking for direction so I have decided to try make a game to build a portfolio. I will play most games even the crappy commercial ones from time to time ;) !! RTS,RPG,FPS and Indie are the genres I play most. Favourite games are Oblivion, Skyrim, RTW,MTW,Minecraft,Getaway,Halo,Dear Esther, TF2,GTA:San Andreas,Zelda,Quack Shot, AOE!!!

Jul 23 2013, 9:23am Anchor

Welcome, Brian! Keep up with this excitement and you shall meet success! ;)

Jul 23 2013, 3:34pm Anchor

Hi folks,

I'm sitting on a design for a game I'd like to produce. It will be my first game project, though I have an extensive background in marketing and project management. Funds are limited to nil, so I'm keen to find a dev team who is willing to risk a bit of their effort while funding is secured. I'm confident the design and the skills I bring to the project will lock in the right team--I'm just not sure how to find them. Before I post anything on the job board, I thought I'd sound out the community and introduce myself.

What do you all think is my best way forward?



P.S.: happy to receive direct messages

Jul 23 2013, 10:03pm Anchor

Hello from RocketPop Games!

We are late getting here, but please let us say- excellent site, very well done.

Thanks and we look forward to getting to know you,


Charles Joyner
Co-Founder RocketPop Games

Edited by: RocketPopGames

Jul 24 2013, 3:28pm Anchor

Hey, So I am new and said I would just introduce myself. My name is Sara and I'm Irish living in Brighton, UK. Love it here. I graduated with a BA honors in Broadcast Media and love audio and sound editing, I am by no means perfect and still learning new skills and techniques but I am a perfectionist with it. I love the gaming industry and although I don't play a huge amount of games mostly just a few indie games, I am very intrigued by the industry and surround myself with gamers and educate myself daily with new trends etc. I am part of a small group of friends who are making a game... and I look forward to learning and working with it and hopefully we will be successful!! :)

Jul 25 2013, 11:45pm Anchor

Hey, I'm Matthew. As of right now, I am 26 and living in Canberra, Australia. I graduated five years ago from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment without a real idea what I wanted other than to be a really good artist in the video games industry. I know how to use 3D Studio Max 2008 and Photoshop CS 3. I've also started learning Blender (again) and the Unity game engine.

I recently teamed up with a friend from school to work on a game called Rogue Space, which we'll be adding to IndieDB soon. Speaking of which, I'm a bit confused about the process involved in starting a company on IndieDB Specifically, what each option under Subscription Mode and Privacy does.

If there's a forum thread that covers all the details involved in adding a company and a game, can someone send me a link to that thread?

Jul 30 2013, 10:58pm Anchor

Hi I'm Michael, I'm 27 years old, I live in Tennessee, and I'm attending college to get a bachelor's degree in security systems. I'll graduate with my associate's degree in just a couple of short months in Computer Networking. I am a writer, I have been all my life. I have lots of experience in writing, art, and games. I have experience in programming, administration, and router configurations. I have written 3 game scripts and one of them I have turned into my own personal comic book series. Recently I submitted my idea to Dark Horse Comics. I'm here to make friends, live my dream as a story board writer, art designer, and to get my foot in the door of the gaming industry. I have no fear getting in front of a large group of people and would like to be a spokesperson for my company. I always give 200% to my work and will help take the company to the top no matter how difficult it seems. It's nice to meet all of you!! :)

Jul 31 2013, 10:22am Anchor

Hey gang,

My name is David. I'm a graphic designer by day and a game designer by night. I've been seriously exploring game design as a career path for close to a year now, and while I have a family to feed and can't jump directly into the industry, I can't imagine being much more passionate about the possibilities games create for the player and for society.

I'm just starting to get my feet wet in the indie community, with an idea gaining some traction over at Jesse Schell's GameSprout site, but am looking to broaden my relationships and get to know all of you and hear what you're passionate about. Thanks in advance for all the laughs, deep thoughts, and great conversations that I anticipate finding here!


Twitter: @willandwisp

Current project: Will & The Wisp, a 1-2 player mobile action-RPG set in a magical post-apocalypse, built for one hardcore gamer and one casual gamer to explore and conquer together. Details are up at GameSprout [dot] com, all comments & feedback welcome!

Jul 31 2013, 9:07pm Anchor

hi all and especially the Desura team

my name is Anil

i am a professional programmer with a keen interest in game development

great site guys..

and all the best for the future

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Aug 1 2013, 3:55pm Anchor

Welcome to the group everyone! :D

Aug 1 2013, 5:05pm Anchor

Hi all.
My name is D'James. I am the Director of Business & Marketing/Web Developer for a new indie game company called Revelisk Entertainment( check out our profile I am new to this site but from what I see its quite the familly of gamers here. I am fairly new to the gaming industry so if anyone has any advice for this rookie. Please dont hesitate to msg me.
Ps. Currently my company is working on their first project title NOVUM: The Seventh Aura. Like us on facebook @ if you are interested in following our teasers and our companies progress.

Aug 1 2013, 5:58pm Anchor

Hello, everyone. I'm called The Legendary Zoltan. I just finished making my first game. It's a heavy metal puzzle/adventure game that is very difficult! I signed up so I could have a platform to release my game on. Nice to meet you!

Aug 1 2013, 6:04pm Anchor

Welcome to the group you two! ^_^
Be sure to have fun while you are here!

Aug 3 2013, 1:22am Anchor

Hello this is my first mod for STALKER. Really really impressive, the weather systems are the best I've seen in an open world game.

Well done!

Aug 6 2013, 12:52am Anchor

hi, I'm Tuan, 31, software developer for an insurance company. Started developing a game last year, dropped it because of guild wars 2 and the game style has been done before, probably better. Quit guild wars 2 because I was playing way too much and picked up the game development again recently, determined to release it boom or bust. I really just want the experience of releasing a game. The game is now on Google Play and almost on Apple Appstore, so I'm currently in marketing limbo, since I have not marketed or even told anyone about the game for the past year.

I use Unity3d, with ex2d as the 2d plugin. I wish to branch out and create a 3d game one day. Have alot of ideas in my head, not enough time to implement them all. I'm from Texas, been here all my life. I like rpgs, scifi, and fantasy. Wife and I travel abroad alot. Welcome any questions. I'm really interested in other indie game developers and hope to make friends here. Thanks.

Aug 6 2013, 12:56am Anchor

Woo, noobie time! :D I/we are making an MMORPG called Avalon. Its gonna be a while before its playable, though.. Yay, GreyBox!

Aug 6 2013, 12:58pm Anchor

Welcome to IndieDB and/or ModDB!

Aug 8 2013, 2:16pm Anchor

I am making a mod for Tales of May'Ejal 4, otherwise known as ToME. The mod is OGL-licensed and d20-based.
We are not aiming for a 100% faithful rendering of the SRD, rather we have already made some changes to suit infinite dungeon gamestyle and/or the engine better.
For example, we overhauled some feats and the distances for the sight and light. Next we're gonna tackle speed modifiers.

However, apart from me there is only one contributor. We could use some tips or help. (A month ago I knew nothing about programming, but this project was a great motivation to learn)

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