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Feb 18 2013 Anchor

Boooo. @niggerhatter . Hatter??? L 2 Spell.

skoharu kokoくん
Feb 18 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone! I'm Koharu! Nice to meet you all, it's a pleasure to be here! I'm new to the website, but I've been floating around the gaming industry for a while now. Anyways, drop me a line sometime! :D


こんにちは! おげんきですか? ここくんです。なまえはなんですか?
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Feb 20 2013 Anchor

Hi all, I have been around here for a short while. I never made an introduction thread, but my profile introduction says it best:

GamerKnight is a professional programmer, who started programming when he was just thirteen years old. He was employed as a full time programmer at the age of seventeen. At the age of twenty one, he made the risky move of working for himself as a freelance developer, and has never been happier. He has worked as a developer in non-game related fields for many years, and is looking to break into the game dev market through small indie based games. GamerKnight has experience with multiple platforms and has developed software in a range of languages from .Net based applications on Windows, Objective C on the Mac, and C++ on Linux. I am always looking to meet new people who are serious about games development.

Feel free to send me a PM with your thoughts or questions I will do my best to help out.

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Update: 2011-06-04

We are still in need of some extra people to join the team. The most urgent of which is an animator.

We have created a new post recently with more up to date information on the project and what we have created so far:


Feb 22 2013 Anchor

Hey all,

Yaron, Israel, 26.
Currently working on my own project VITAL.
I don't want to be the annoying newbie that post thread in the wrong place, so i prefer to ask here -
where do i post progress on my project?? (sry,sry sry for being a noob...)

Feb 22 2013 Anchor

Hey to all out there!

My name id Doogel and i run the youtube channel DoogelCraft.

love filming let'splays and will most likley post some info regarding this here somewhere in the near future.... need to wait till i am allowed to post stuff like that ;)

Feb 28 2013 Anchor

Hello im usually called Ben but in game people like to call me rawr beacuse of my IGN. What really got me into indie games was the game called Minecraft which I started playing at about version 1.1, I first started playing on a website called minecraftforfree which was fun, right up until it was shut down by Notch himself. Notch shut the website down because they were letting people play minecraft for free, hense the title. Notch had challenged the owner of the site to a game of quake; the whole thing was going to be live streamed but they decided to post pone it, after they had post poned it I never really found out what happened. All I know is I was unable to play minecraft for free on that website anymore so what I did was I actually bought the game from the website like everybody else.
I played minecraft for a while then I decided to learn a little more about minecraft and where it came from. After learning that minecraft was an indie game I decided to explore a little more and learn more about indie games. I started playing indie games and I really got into it. After playing them for a while I had a burning desire to actually make one of my own games. I have a variety of ideas on some games that I would like to do and I am very excited to start working on them.
Ben (aka) rawr

Feb 28 2013 Anchor

Hey everyone!,
I'm Jonathan, currently in my second year at Teesside University studying games design. Cool thing about Teesside Uni is a game festival called 'Animex' were developers from Valve, Naughtydog, Epic and some others come down and hold lectures and lessons. I'm currently a junior designer on a uni assignment working along side 20 people to create 3 levels within UDK, 10 designers/10 artists.

I love playing around with UDK and learning new techniques, more importantly learning and understanding how to produce good, exciting gameplay and level flow. Sure i'll pick up some techniques on here, see ya!.

Mar 2 2013 Anchor

Hello my name is Adrian. Y'all can call me StormKat.

I am new here and I am wanting to know how to mod the Force Unleashed 2? I saw character packs here at this site and am wondering if there is a Force Unleashed 2 P.C game editor so that I can mod them in Blender 3D art program?

Thank you

Mar 5 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone,

I'm Alpay. My friends and I develop indie games for iOS. I would love to share our work and receive feedback from the indie folks here. Please let me know if there are specific rules I should watch out for other than common sense non-spamming.

See you all around!

Mar 5 2013 Anchor

Hello, the name is Loup, programmer @onipunks studio. We develop pixel indie game for Android and iOS. Kinda new here, would love to share our game info.

Mar 7 2013 Anchor

Hello every one

Mar 7 2013 Anchor

Welcome to te group everyone! ^_^

Mar 8 2013 Anchor

Hey hey!

Sound Designer, sup

Mar 8 2013 Anchor

Hey everyone. I'm fluffy bunny whiskers! I'm a writer, and I dabble in coding.

I'm part of a team working on a FPS for the Source engine.

Mar 9 2013 Anchor

Hey, I'm Tokizane. I'm new here, so just checking some things out. I was going to school to become a lawyer, but I'm making a transition back to game design since it interests me way more. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a game design document, and hopefully I can put a team together here.

Mar 9 2013 Anchor

Hello there, my username is Guru1, and I currently need YOUR help in a thread in the coding section.

Mar 10 2013 Anchor

Hello everybody,

First post, completely noob, coming through! :)

My name is Danny and I am the developer of Chicks Ahead for iOS
I have added the game to ModDB, and then got an authorization email from IndieDB - looking at these, I realize it is the same site, with a different branding - am I correct?

The Indie DB page is in /games/chicks-ahead ( can't post links as a new member, makes sense ).
I hope I edited it correctly, please let me know if not...

I have tried adding a YouTube video, but without success, should probably try to figure that one out and post a question outside of this intro thread.

Anyways that's my Hello ModDB post, nice to meet you all.

Mar 13 2013 Anchor


I'm Richard and I'm addicted to oxygen.

I make games in my spare time under the name "Oxygen Addict". Had registered on IndieDB ages ago but got all busy and never got involved. Hoping to fix that!


Mar 13 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone!

I just stumbled upon the forum looking for some writting advice, for I'm an amateur writter, you see. I decided to register here and will probably take on some wirtting jobs, small ones at first since I'm still green. I speak (& write) english and spanish fluently; the latter being my mother language. I have some small experience from personnal projects and the ones I'm currently working on from the Warcraft 3 modding page, The Hive Workshop.

I'll be keeping an eye on the forum overall and surely will post some stuff unrelated to the above. I hope we'll all get along!

Btw, the D is silent. :D

Mar 18 2013 Anchor

Whats up ModDB,
the fine folks here caught my attention recently with the buzz going around about their newest Skyrim project.
I am an old school gamer that has experience in many genres.
I tried the whole Console thing and it was just not to be, I love the freedom that PC gaming affords me.
I am glad to be here and will browse the mods and check out this cool ass community.
Thanks for having me and I look forward to meeting some like minded cool ass gamers. PeAcE

Mar 19 2013 Anchor

sup people i guess there like an AA thing going here so here it goes.
my name is Donovan
Me i love all forms of entertainment most dear to me is animation and yes that to includes sprites and game animation.
Now i realize this is not realy a place for animators but still i love gaming just as much as my animation well they say use what you have so i hope you will support me in my future indevours and i will post my progress and projects here in the future cause in my opinion gaming and animation are borthers, cause well in the past great animation inspired great games and great games inspired great animation

so if you will follow me coment on my future projects even bad comments help

so hope to see you around

Mar 21 2013 Anchor

hello all. i'm glad i came to this site, and it's good to know also all the available games online. i will definitely introduce this to my kid as he is starts to learn new games as he gets bored of child's play.

Mar 27 2013 Anchor

Hullo, my name is LeonMaster13! :D My real name is Mickey :)

I'm from the Philippines, currently an incoming junior in college :D So yes, I am still young, turning 15 at April xD My hobbies are playing games, chess, and reading novels :D

Good Afternoon! If you have the time: Please visit my channel, and subscribe!: I make video game commentaries and music videos!

I do video game commentaries, and I already did a video of One Late Night and Samphi all cuz of Desura ^__^

Please watch my videos, and subscribe! :D

Liking will also be appreciated ^_^

Mar 27 2013 Anchor

Hi! I am new here. Wanted to say hi. I work for a new game startup called Will Pwn 4 Food and am glad to be up on the indieDB forums!

Can I create topics on this forum? Or do I need to become more relevant?

Mar 27 2013 Anchor

Hi there, found this place because of Slenderman's Shadow. My name is Rueban, I'm 16 and bored, so that's why I love playing games. I also write creepypasta stories as a hobby. by now you should know I'm not good at intros, but, THAT SHALL NOT STOP ME !! MWAHAHA.....

Oh and Hi again 8)

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