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Dec 3 2012 Anchor

Hello, Salvatore, Kae, and Danny ^_^

I'm NEW here! My name is Quoux (or at least I want you to refer to me as that) and I am a concept artist and a writer! I'm American but I love Britian and I love Saudi Arabia (I love someone from there ^_^) and I am super excited to help in the game creating industry!

I've long considered making a game for myself, but I have ZERO skill with coding and I rely on my art. I have wanted, for the longest time now, to work on an ipod/ iphone game either as a concept artist or general illustrator, and I REALLY want to make one of those games where there is no animation and you just click pictures and buttons and stuff; or a TCG game for the iphone/ ipod. Also I would love for the game to have in-app purchases.

BUT I would love to work on ANYTHING IN GENERAL because I just really want to start helping and joining teams. If you want you can check out my "resume" post on the Resume forum here.


Dec 3 2012 Anchor

I'm not sure who really reads these but I thought I may as well do one anyway. I'm Jim, aspiring 22 year old Web guy who has a lot of free time right now. My attention span for games seems to be a lot shorter these days, possibly from over-gaming. To combat this I've migrated to here where I figure I'm more likely to find different/interesting games. The fact many of them are shorter will be an added bonus for my attention span. I'm pleased to say it's been going pretty well so far.

Aside from that, I'm kicking out a few blogs about some of the games I find here. It's mostly just to stop any writing skill I may still posses from completely diminishing; I'm not expecting any actual readership. I've also been toying with learning Unity for a while, even getting as far as doing a few basic tutorials. Unfortunately I'm quite impatient and I don't like having to walk before I can run so that's slid onto the backburner for now. Hopefully the awesome developers around here might inadvertently slap some inspiration into me and I might pick it back up.

Having finished Uni, my life's pretty dull outside of the Internet right now, so there's not much to say there. Oh, also hi, I forgot to mention that part.

Dec 5 2012 Anchor


I'm fx0ne. I'm an ardent game designer. I love strategy, sports and racing game. My favorite games are "tower defense" type games as well as soccer games (FIFA and PES). In my spare time I develop games for the iPhone and iPad. I recently put out an iOS game called astroPACK in the app store

My second iOS game called Desert Storm is still being reviewed and hopefully will be out by the weekend. I'm glad to be a part of this gaming community.

Dec 6 2012 Anchor

Hiya, thought I'd introduce myself before starting a topic.

I'm from the Bay Area in California. Play all kinds of games and enjoy listening to podcasts.

Definitely been spending a lot of time trying to promote a Kickstarter project which you'll all hear about soon.

Dec 6 2012 Anchor

Wish I woulda came here before I started, but I guess its not to late. My name is Fidel, well gamer name. My real name is Bert, I love to play games, and do reviews n' such. I love to get into debates, but not argue. I love to make people laugh, as cheesy at the line could be, I make videos for a small youtube channel. I don't like to boast about, or try to squeeze out subs. I like to bring people together with it, thats my goal, I want to bring players to the indie games, art designers to de developers ect ect. I have a few posts about it already if your interested. So I'de love to play your games, send em my way lol!

Dec 7 2012 Anchor

Howdy, folks!
My name is Adam and I've been working in games for a few years now in various capacities.
I've worked for a small startup on two different games, released a game on Android and iOS with a friend, worked with a group of students on a master's degree thesis project, ported a student game to XBLA, and started a lot of projects that have never seen the light of day. During the day, I work as a QA programmer at a game studio in the Seattle area that you've probably heard of on a game that you haven't. At night, I work on more projects with a friend, and have another mobile game nearing release that we'll be announcing soon.
When I'm not making games, I also enjoy playing them. I have a soft spot for 2D platformers, but enjoy pretty much every genre.

Dec 9 2012 Anchor

Hello everyone

Name is Alex, working on an old open source browser game that has been gone for quite some time. I think it is time to bring it back and modify it will all the nifty things that are possible in this days technology.

I started this project just to hone some basic Linux skills (the game is a server engine itself, making it work took some time) but doing that made all these wonderful memories of the game flow back to me. I think it has such a great potential and with the right people behind it, it can attract a lot of players.

Dec 14 2012 Anchor

I like boobys

Dec 14 2012 Anchor

Hi everyone, we're Aphelio, an indie studio from the UK building a cross platform HTML5 game engine called 'Marv'. There are 3 of us: myself Mike (design/biz dev), Kraig (programmer) and Carla (artist). We're looking to release multiple games using our engine over the next year across browser, mobile and desktop. You can keep up to speed with what we're up to by adding us as a friend and following our blog, watching our company 'Aphelio', our game engine 'Aphelio's Marv Engine' and our group 'HTML5' if your a HTML5 dev or want to find out more about HTML5!

You can also sign up to playtest our games before launch at:

Cheers guys, nice to meet you all


Dec 16 2012 Anchor

Craft4D here. 23 year old male. Just Finished my 4 year degree. I aspire to be a Environment Game Artist. Looking for a Mod or Indie team to work on some free games.

You can find my Polycount Art dump by googling: "Polycount Craft4D Sketchbook"
and my non-game art portfolio can be found by typing my name "SeanTrinkle" (one word) followed by a "." and "com".

Sadly I can't post links so that's the best i can direct you to my work.

Dec 16 2012 Anchor

Hey, my name's Anton. I'm 15 years old.
Haven't got too much experience with modding/game creating yet, but am making good progress. Uploaded my first mod today, actually!
Looking forward to being part of the community & learning more about a possible future career.

Dec 19 2012 Anchor

Guys ! vote for the Star Wars Battlecry Mod running of Crysis 2 engine as a standalone game!! Go vote under the Crysis 2 section! :D

Voted best Mod Recently twice!! Your Votes Count!!!! :D

Dec 19 2012 Anchor

Hello everybody!
I'm CleanWater, I'm a freelancer artist.
I had a long time out of this job, but now I'm back.
I create games in Game Maker to expand my portfolio and increase my skills.
I did 3 games until now in Game Maker 7, but only one of them is in English.
I'm working on a new game just now for my portfolio.

See ya,

Dec 23 2012 Anchor

Hi all,
Im Draxlerodshvn, Drax for short.
Im just a gamer, i discovered MODS only a few months ago, and i am in love! LOL!
I play the TOTAL WAR Series, from Rome to Empire, i enjoy them all.
I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

I do have some questions about MODS, and i dont know if this is the place to post them, so i wont, but if anyone can help me out, i wouldnt mind asking a few questions. So instead of me randomly emailing someone, send me a message if you can lend me your brain. Thanks.8)

Dec 23 2012 Anchor

Hello everyone, I'm Craig aka HoustonTX224 and I've been a serious gamer for about 20 yrs..I stopped playing for a while because of Now, I'm back and found out about Desura and all of the wonderful Indie games and such. I love it. So, long live gaming. Yayyyyyy!!! Thanks for listening.

Dec 25 2012 Anchor

hi! I'm pan. Been playing games since 1995 I guess. playing games from Family computer to PS1 to PC to PSP to ipad to arcades.

I used to play online games on my left and right hand, but when I got a job I kinda Li-low on playing games. Recently a friend invited me to play Cabal online again, so here I am currently playing Cabal NA
if you need a newbie healer party member just pm me :D

Dec 25 2012 Anchor

MarchingOrd3rZ here!

Though Fighting games (Tekken and Street Fighter) are my main genre, Half-Life is my First-Person Shooter of choice. I love all things Half-Life, especially when it comes to downloading and trying mods. I am a PC and PS3 gamer mostly, for I am a graphics snob. Games I'm playing right now are Half-Life (Sven Co-Op, Zombie Panic! , and The Wastes mods), Tekken (5 and 6), Street Fighter (III: Third Strike and IV) , Guilty Gear (XX #Reload), RedEclipse, Xonotic, and Need for Speed: Underground 2. I am also in the process of learning C++ and JavaScript.

Dec 26 2012 Anchor


Hello guys, i'm an veteran in the Rpg Maker engines and i found this website.. wait.. i don't remember :/

I'm a Brazilizan, 15 years old and with an medium english as you can see. I will try to make some cash here with my future games, and hope you guys like it. For now it's only this *-* . I'm not in the mood for apresentations today :P

Dec 29 2012 Anchor

Hey all.

I'm new here. Just looking for playable mods for Crysis2 but have not found even one. Kinda bummed about that. If you read any of my comments on some of these mods I may seem a bit upset. And well.. that's cuz I am. Disappointed really.

Can anyone please guide me to good mods that utilize the Cryengine 3 platform? After playing Crysis2 I was amazed at how real it felt and was excited to go mod hunting. But the hunt has been short for lack of any real mods out there. I am surprised by this. I also play and mod Skyrim (which has a HUGE support mod group on Nexus). It's really overwhelming the amount of content that is available.

Maybe is it because the Creation Engine is much easier to use than Cryengine? I don't know, you tell me?

Sincerely (and thanks for having me)

Dec 31 2012 Anchor

Hi my name is Ciprian, @Zapakitul on twitter. I used to work for Gameloft as a Game/Level designer and now I'm doing games from my own apartment.
I joined IndieDB a few years back so I could comment and track (aka stalk) Bytegroves development on Soul Hunter (a platforming game made in DBPRo), and now I'm using this platform to promote my game and, hopefully, create a community around it.

Thank you for having me here and I look forward to healthy, happy and fun collaboration with each and everyone of you.

Jan 5 2013 Anchor

Hi there,

I'm Flux and fairly new to indiedb, I've recently started development on Oort Star and hoping to get more involved with the indie scene.

I'm from the UK, enjoy RPG and strategy games and spend far too much time watching eSports.

Jan 5 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone, I'm a Let's Player from Sweden who's currently playing lots of Amnesia mods (which of most I find here, thanks everyone who's made one. :))
Anyways so I thought, I'd be able to promote maps and maybe my own youtube channel on here.
So if you have a map that you want to have seen you can send me a mail, I play 2-3 maps a day (unless they're like really long then I'll only play one)

And then I have a question regarding of in what forum section I could start a thread for helping to promote maps and my own youtube channel, thanks in advance. :)


Jan 8 2013 Anchor

Hello all!

I'm mysteriosum, aka Travis, from Montreal. I'm an actor and a playwright, and recently scripter (GML and Unity Script) and game designer.

My friend Martine and I recently started Fabulam Games (@fabulamgames). Please follow us!

Currently, we're in development for Chromatose, a colour- and physics-based Metroidvania which uses controls from Asteroids/Star Control Super Melee. Pretty soon I'm going to put some of our development stuff in the dev forums. End of February we'll be Kickstarting Chromatose! Very exciting.

Anyways, I'm super happy to be here. indie ftw. :D


BacioiuC wrote:I used to work for Gameloft ...

Hello Ciprian! Tell me, is that Gameloft Montreal you worked at?

ctdabomb the boss of this operation
Jan 9 2013 Anchor

Hello all, I am ctdabomb. I've been involved in developing games now for a few years, as well as doing loads of 3d modelling :rambo:
I've been visiting here for a while, but only registered now, because of SuperTuxKart.

P.S.(the games I work on are SuperTux and a contributer to SuperTuxKart)


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Jan 9 2013 Anchor


I am Roger. Just came across this site. Amazed I haven't heard of it before! Look forward to interacting.

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