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Nov 12 2012 Anchor

So this thread, yeah. I'm always bad at self introductions, and it may be why I can be a bore at parties. Here go then

My name is Jeff, and I like turtles. No, in more serious I'm a programmer, part owner of a indie developer, and not a bad guy once I warm up to you. I am currently working on my BS in Computer Science with an emphasis on video game programming here at UAT. I'm an advid gamer, going all the way back to the Atari 2600 (still have one that my sisters and I DIDN'T break. And those damn things were expensive in the day). I've got a lot of work ahead of me in the company so wish me luck!

Nov 13 2012 Anchor

Hi I'm James, i've been making Indie games for 11-12 years using MMF2 and The Games Factory. I've posted about my new game as i'm a bit of a forum whore lol.

Nov 13 2012 Anchor

Hi everyone my name is Niklas. While this is my first time making an indie game i have been working with games for around 15 years the first 11 in the AAA industry and then the last 4 as an educator ( I planned i would have tie to work on my own games during that time but making a great school took a lot more time than I thought but well I have finally arrived at the goal now so). I also did the recruiting of programmers besides working as lead for a couple of years.

AAA was fun but I never want to spend that amount of time on a single projekt again, there is so much more to explore and test and game develpment is much more fun to do when you are a small circle of friends than if you have hundres of people at your company where you don't even recognise them all. Anyway I am looking forward to sharing more of our first game Project Temporality with you.

Nov 15 2012 Anchor

Alright guys? I've had a desura account for quite some time but i've just started trying to make Let's plays with a friend. We've only got one or two so far but there's plenty more on the way with lots of improvement.

I hope to really get involved in this community and have a good time.

magachs That lamer
Nov 15 2012 Anchor

I'm not good at introductions (or doing anything with games other than playing with them for that matter), so I'll just say this: Hello. My name is Diego and I hail from some random valley town in scenic central Chile, so you can pretty much guess why I've joined... :D

Like I said, I know next to nothing about game development for toffee, but I can still play with pixels and/or voxels (to a degree), have the impressive ability to learn how to 3D model (again, to a degree - a lesser degree than the former) and have crazy ideas that I doubt other people will ever know about. And drawing. I draw sketchy pen drawings for the sake of drawing random drawings whenever I feel like drawing... All this as a hobby, of course!

You may have noticed I'm somewhat of an oddball. That's because I have hands and I don't sleep too much. Oh and Aspergers. Not the stereotypic antisocial screw-wad kind, rather the introverted kind with way too much stuff in his head - hence the ideas.

Don't expect to see me too much in, on and around the forums - I just joined for the downloads and mod tracking - so that should be it. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Also, I edit my posts too much! Pet peeve of mine.

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Nov 15 2012 Anchor

Hey Diego, Fluffy Maiden, and others. My name's Zack. I and a friend have been working on our first game, Cafe Murder, for the past year. It started as a Kickstarter project, and we recently entered it in the Independent Games Festival (although it's not completely finished yet).

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!
Thanks, Zack

Nov 19 2012 Anchor


magachs That lamer
Nov 19 2012 Anchor



...but that's a common misconception, of course.
Nov 20 2012 Anchor


Nov 20 2012 Anchor

Hello everyone,

i am 29 years old and in some months i hit the magically 30 and i am getting old. My native language is not english and i have some problems to articulate myself, but i hope my english is not too worse. Anyway i don't have problems to understand anything.

I'm developing for several years. I started when i was 13 or something like this. I first learned C, later C++, Visual Basic and some other stuff. But the last thing i'm doing for years is web-development with Perl & Javascript.

Since i was a little kid i have dreamed of developing my own games. This is also the reason why i started with programming. However, i never did it until now. Since two weeks i am going deeper into the game developing and started to learn Unity. I don't know what the future will bring me, but at the moment i really think of switching job and going deeper into the "Indi-Developer" scene. That is also the reason how i got to this site.

Just some random thoughts of myself.

Nov 20 2012 Anchor


Sidburn, what is your native country and language?

Nov 21 2012 Anchor

Hi everyone,
I'm Stephanie Lee, currently 15 years old. I'm a sophomore @ a school in southern california.
I just downloaded Desura today and i'm gonna start playing games soon, yessss! Since it's thanksgiving break, I might as well go on a massive gaming mode. I haven't played games in forever Q _ Q Stupid school.
Umm I wouldn't consider myself a "serious" gamer or anything like that. I do really love games, but I don't think i'm qualified to be considered one :3 I only play what's free, haha. I don't have a specific type of game that I favor over others, though first person shooters don't really appeal to me. ( Most of the time, anyway. But when I'm super pissed, those are the types of games that I usually turn to.)
Some PS2 games i've played:
Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, & chain of memories:re.
Tomb Raider ( my first video game ever, started playing when I was about five years old, I think.. I sucked madly. Probably didn't even know what the buttons were for. Stopped around 12 years old though, my gaming console broke. Since then I switched to playing PC games :P)
Some of the download PC games I've played:
Maplestory ( for six years, since i was in second grade... Maybe some of you even know me, if you play too, haha. I'm kind of well known, I guess. In Windia, anyway), La Tale, Aion (since it became F2P, yaay) , CoH (too bad they shut down OMG. I was so mad), APB Reloaded, Audition, GunZ, Starcraft, LoL, Sims, Fallen Earth, Planet Calypso, Dragon Nest, Dragonica Online, Flyff, Gunbound, Jade Dynasty, Last Chaos, Lineage II, Luna Online, Minecraft, Perfect World, War of the Immortals, Battle of the Immortals, Wonderking, Silkroad Online, Rose Online, and a loooooooooot more. Maybe at least 20 more.. e_e These are just from the top of my head, haha. I usually just browse around , play for a bit, and uninstall when it gets boring. It's a bit unusual for me to get attached to a game. The only game i've played nonstop for over a year was Maplestory. I went for about 3 years nonstop for that, then ragequitted for a couple weeks, went back, and repeattt. Everything else i'm always on & off.

I play anything that inerests me, from MMORPGs to MMOs to simulations to flash games. ^^

So yep, thats me! Student, gamer, animal lover, asian, fifteen, etc etc. :)

If anyone has any (free/download) games to recommend to me, please do so! Thanksss! Nice to meet you all ~

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Nov 21 2012 Anchor

Nice post, Sidburn!

To start off this post, my name is Bryant. I'm a twenty-two year old trade student who's trying to see game development as a favorite hobby of mine. I never cared about game development as a career choice but I would love to see something released by working in a group that gaming communities would enjoy playing. I'm currently practicing mapping right now in the Source Engine. Although I know very little of C#/C++ but I'm diving in right into it after school to achieve that feeling that someone is playing something YOU made.

Nov 21 2012 Anchor

sydneylee wrote:
If anyone has any (free/download) games to recommend to me, please do so! Thanksss! Nice to meet you all ~

Hey Stephanie,

You seem to quite like MMOs so i guess i'll recommend EVE Online (massive one server MMO about pewpew spaceships which currently has a tournament streaming at weekends and a 20 day free trial) and Guild wars 2 (fairly average MMO but only pay once)

As far as free/cheap games i'd suggest the humble bundle.

Nov 21 2012 Anchor

My native Country/Language is Germany/German.

If you like/love games then you can call yourself a gamer. Even if the word "gamer" is not really helpful in my opinion. For example, no one calls someone "booker" or "filmer" just because he reads books or watch movies.

magachs That lamer
Nov 21 2012 Anchor

Still, the term "player" isn't exactly accurate so... /wooneologisms

EDIT: My experience with games: Age of Empires I/II/III, Age of Mythology, Empire Earth, much of the C&C franchise (except Renegade, Twilight and RA3), Starcraft, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Minecraft, Mortyr (it came with one of my older computers, forgive me Internet!), some Quake II, a small affair with Quake III arena (Note: I'm not a FPS fan anymore), a bit of Super Mario Bros 3, I think I played Pokemon once (Emerald I think?), an afternoon with Diablo II, a bunch of old Atari 2600 games (Including the ever-so-remembered Pitfall!) uuuhhh... and some Polystations. :P

As for MMOs, I played Lineage II for about half-a-year, but I burned out in the end because of the "grindtastic" gameplay... I haven't touched another Korean RPG ever since. I used to play Runescape quite a lot too. I still play it once in a blue moon though :)

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...but that's a common misconception, of course.
Nov 22 2012 Anchor

Greetings, everyone.
I'm SBaneN, also known as Shane "Bane" Neumann, or Shane.
I'm 16 years old (well, I'll be 16¾ years old on 25 November).
My first language is Afrikaans, my second language is English.
I am a high school dropout (mainly because I hate getting detention for something that I definitely didn't do).
Most of my time, I spend modding Cave Story (the original one, I don't have CS+), playing video games, and wondering why I still haven't gotten over the death of my first cat, Raichu.
I also spend my time making resprites of random things on my computer, usually when I work on my Cave Story mods.
Recently I have also begun to try making RPGs, although it is extremely limited due to using a Lite version of RPG Maker VX Ace.
I am also very, very "weird, crazy, and random" (according to most people in my hometown).
I am working on five CS mods at the moment, along with an RPG and two fan-fictions.

I have 29 fears (most of them are completely perplexing, because what kind of person would have a fear of mirrors?).
Just talking about cars sends me into a rage, because that was what killed my first cat on 23 September 2003. :(
I also have the habit to take everything seriously and literally.
I am also easily bored, which caused me to memorize 75 raised to the power of 6. :|
I also have no control over my anger, although if I get angry I usually vent it on video games because if I vent it elsewhere I'll get in trouble.

My favourite PC games are:
- Cave Story (original)
- La-Mulana (original and remake)
- Iji
- Little Fighter 2
- Elona
- Terraria
- Toribash
- Spelunky
- Dwarf Fortress
- Dragon Age: Origins
- Too many favourite PC games to remember...

... Wow, this post is long. :O

Nov 27 2012 Anchor

Hey all my name is Susan [not posting real name for confidentiality], but some of you may know me as Sapphiretnr if you play the fun game called "Transformice" [all credit goes to Atelier801 for this awesome game]. I am in college but I love to play videogames! The types of games I play are: Call of Duty [DS], Zelda [3DS/DS], Pokemon [GBA/DS/3DS/TCG], Yu-Gi-Oh [GBA/DS/TCG], Naruto [DS/TCG] & I also play Transformice and League of Legends!

If anyone ever needs help on Transformice feel free to whisper me in game for help! ^_^


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Nov 27 2012 Anchor

Hi I'm Cinders and I am 29. I am learning about gaming developement. All the aspects, artistic, programming and business sides. Trying to figure out which I am the best at, so it is a learnig process with each, as I have no formal training.

Some of my favorite past time games are Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy VII, Call of Duty, Diablo and Starcraft.

I hope to find like minded indivuals to create and then help those who are developing their own game. It is alot of work, but very rewarding.

Nov 28 2012 Anchor

Hi, been modding since model of honor allied assault's modding days began. Currently modding SWBF2. I model, texture, and recently learning scripting.

Nov 28 2012 Anchor

Just realised I haven't posted here yet despite putting a game on and being active for a while >_<

Anyway, Hi, My name is Andrew and I am 23. I have been interested in games for the most part of my life and now I am turning my attention to learning about game development and creating something special. I have previously completed a National Diploma in games design and media at college back in 2008, in 2009 I went to University to study BA(hons) Games Design which I finished this summer graduating with a first class. Now with absolutely no jobs going about in the UK, and most companies requiring experience I have started a journey as a solo indie dev to try to learn and develop my programming skills in order to create great games and to build up my portfolio and knowledge!

I have previously worked at Sumo-Digital limited in the summer of 2011 for 5 1/2 months as part of the technical design team. I was credited on Nike+ Kinect training as a technical designer which got revealed at E3 2012 and was release in November 2012. Credit link
I have experience with developing, modding and generally creating games way back with the hammer editor in 2006, I have since built a prototype level in UDK, an audio only (blind-accessible) game entitled SoundScape using Unity3D and JavaScript. And now I am working on ReversE a mirror logic based puzzle game. My overall goal is to be able to create games that are special to me and my friends, and that I can distribute to as wide an audience as possible. I would love dearly to get a catalogue of games behind me and create a legacy on a shoestring budget!

Aside from the professional facts, I am also a pretty avid gamer some of my favourites include Tombi!, Hogs of War, Final Fantasy 6, Dawn of War Soulstorm, Age of Mythology/empires series, Civilization and Guild Wars 2. I am open to playing any type of game and trying out new and different experiences. If you want to add me on steam for gaming/gift trading add my profile Andaleeni

I look forward to being a part of this community, making new friends and helping out members and contributing!

Dec 1 2012 Anchor

Ello guys :3
Im new here, from the Philippines and an average gamer.
Bf3 gamer (xbox)
my pc atm is pretty much useless. No hardcore gaming on it for me :P

Dec 1 2012 Anchor

Sup, the name is Danny and I'm 18 years old, live in the southern part of the Netherlands in a province called Limburg. I've played a whole lot of games, from Roller Coaster Tycoon all the way to Black Ops II. Although Call of Duty has been dead since WaW. I'm a "hardcore" gamer, but my rig isn't that hardcore. GTX460, Intel E8500 OC'd to 4.0Ghz and 6GB's of DDR2 RAM. Yes. DDR2.
There are so many people who think they need to have a GTX680 or GTX690 and 16GB's of RAM to play games at ultra, tell you what, you've wasted your money. I'm maxing out pretty much everything right now with the gear I have. 1680x1050 full HD 1080p.

The games I'm still playing as of 2012 are Skyrim, WoW (played for 2 years, still play it sometimes), LotRO, LotR: War in the North, The Witcher 2, Black Ops II and some other minor stuff. I've also played every Call of Duty including BOII, but the last decent Call of Duty was CoD4, after CoD4 it started to go downhill IMO. I'm also a LotR fan, love Tolkien's works and Peter Jackson is a brilliant man.
Feel free to add me on Steam if you want: Tomahawk12345

Looking forward to be a part of this website. Cheers.

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Dec 2 2012 Anchor

Hi everyone, I'm Salvatore, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Italy....
My dream is to become a game develop but i don't have the basics so i would like to understand how to realize it.
A lot of people told me is better starting modding games I like and after that maybe trying to make something absolutely mine....
but the problem is i don't know how to mod a game, so I would like to learn. :rolleyes: if someone of you can help to understand i will really appreciate it :nervous: . Thanks

Salvatore :tired:

Dec 3 2012 Anchor

Hello! My name is Kae and I am a huge fan of visual novels and otome games :wub:

I'm a 19 year old college student studying video and new media, I love animals, I can cook anything under the sun, and have a deep love of tea. :D

So far, I've played tons of otome games and visual novels, and even done a few LPs! I recently started wanting to make my own, so if anyone has any tips or suggestions for me I would really appreciate it!

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