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Sep 7 2012, 3:54pm Anchor

Hello I'm Anthony. I'm here because of swift*stitch and Kenshi originally but am also trying to go through the process of getting set up as a developer here and will hopefully by next year be offering a game to you all.

Sep 8 2012, 3:23pm Anchor


My name is Parker Smith and I am the developer of a game called "Crescent".

I went to school for game design, but quickly got swept up in commercial software programming. I have finally decided to have a try at why I learned to program in the first place: Making games!

Most of my freelance commercial work has been in C#, so XNA seemed a natural place to begin my gamedev career. Most of the art is done by me as well, which is why I count myself lucky that the minimalist style seems rather popular at the moment.

The game I am currently working on is called "Crescent", an arcade-ish actiony/rpg/creature collecting game I hope to release soon for PC and XBOX.

I am much better at programming and designing games than I am at social networking, and trying to get people to see my game has caused me to cast aside my "lurker" status here and elsewhere to finally participate communities that I long browsed from afar.

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Sep 12 2012, 10:28pm Anchor

I am Xavier.

I'm finishing High School and like to develop games on my spare time. I've just recently realized that I should actually be publishing the games I make, so I was told by a friend to come here.

I'm hoping people will check out my games as I upload them. I'm also hoping any pro-indie-devs will tell me if I'm doing something wrong.


Sep 15 2012, 1:14am Anchor

Hey guys.

I'm Stephen and currently I'm a senior at A&M. I'm a big fan of games and after getting into making my own I started enjoying indie games more and more. In my free time I design my own little games and I've gotta say they are getting better, hopefully I can turn it into more than a mere hobby. I've joined cause I like the community and hopefully can share my games and even collaborate with other enthusiastic indie developers.

Sep 15 2012, 1:45am Anchor

Hi, I'm Max. During office hours I'm a boring copy-writer, but in my spare time I plot to either write novels or make games. I end up doing both! My aim is to introduce real story telling into computer games instead of another iteration of clichéd plots that get watered down by pragmatism. :D I joined the community because I like what I've seen so far, and hopefully I can participate and maybe offer something back from my point of view.

Sep 17 2012, 2:34pm Anchor

Hey there, I'm Ashley.
I've been playing games since I was a wee little toddler and just recently got big into PC gaming adn into indie games. I love first person shooteres and roleplaying games.
I'm from Washington state, 24 years old and just have a passion for playing games!

Sep 17 2012, 4:31pm Anchor

Heh. My name is Aiden. I've been a gamer since birth, and quickly excelled in using computers when I started. I go from a range of competely retro games to games coming out today. Including mods. I recently started doing videogame commentary, and I have grown in doing so. I take requests, and wish to get involved with fans. My biggest dream is to work with nintendo. I am 18 years old, and I am a senior.

Sep 19 2012, 8:31am Anchor

Hey, I've just received a free Minecraft Giftcode!You can get one too!>> <<

Sep 19 2012, 8:01pm Anchor

I was born in London, England in 1982, and I suppose I've always had a passion for music. I enjoyed playing traditional instruments at school, but my interest in music composition really got started when I found out about computer music sequencing, and when I got access to a suitable machine back in the mid-1990s.The technology has changed almost beyond recognition over the years, but my love of music has remained constant.To understand music theory, and to learn more about the technical and professional aspects of music production, I attended University in Ealing, home of the famous Ealing Film Studios, and got a graduate qualification in Music TechnologyI've been lucky enough to compose music for movies, and video games since then. I like to work in a variety of styles. With each new piece, I try to remain stylistically and culturally authentic to the genre, but I always try to add whatever the secret formula of musical herbs and spices is that makes up the trademark Charlie Armour sound.I love to make music with other people, using the global reach of the internet to maintain collaborative relationships and friendships with independent music and video artists from all corners of the globe. I have been credited as producer and composer on a number of projects, and gained priceless opportunities to expand my own artistic horizons in doing so.This year I received some international recognition in the form of 3 awards with help from a great composer Ian Henderson for our composing and my production work, as voted for by the global internet community. (Which was nice.)I suppose the fact that I have made it so far is something of a miracle, given my battle with Leukodystrophy, a neurological disorder which (in my case) affects the use of my legs and hands - not an ideal situation for a musician, but I don't get distracted by little things like that. I believe that persistence is the main component of success, both in music, and in life - and I hope that my example will encourage other people to ignore their own distractions, and remain persistent in their own attempts to achieve their goals.

Sep 30 2012, 2:58pm Anchor

Hey everyone! Names Marcus, a 18 year old guy from Sweden. I play Amnesia and have played alot of custom stories and decided to start making my own one day, so I downloaded level tools and got started. I created my first story, but decided to not realse it becasue it wasn't good enough. I am working on my second story right now (Alma) and will, if everything turns out alright, realse it. (I have an unrealsed version of it here at the site). What it will be about is something you can check out at the map describtion (pretty obivous).

I have also played alot of left 4 dead 2 maps and have alot of reviews at, but is currently taking a break from l4d2 playing due to trolls and becasue I didn't have enough space to install other games. I also have a few reviews at this site. Sad enough, some people dont put any effort in their maps at all... like they want to upload something and rush to finish it. I'm still new, so my scripting and story in overall might not be "spectatular", but at least I take the time to think of something I want people to test. A story behind it and enviroments that actully makes some sense. But there are alot of awesome maps here as well. Maps I will never have a chance to beat (mapping wize) ;)

So, with that said, nice to meet you all! :P

Oct 13 2012, 3:10am Anchor

Hi I'm TenaciousXL and I really loves games.

I have a little freeware site for listing great freeware games:

And a page for listing game development tools and stuff, which I hope to add new stuff as time goes on:

BTW great website :) INDIEDB ROCKS!!!

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Oct 15 2012, 10:33am Anchor

Errrr. I don't know how to start things here so..
Heeey I'm new here. i just made an account like about an hour ago. I'm 16, a girl. Indonesian. The first thing you need to know about me is; i talk a lot. I'm easy to talk to so, please talk._. Anyway, yeah i play a lot of games. Specially FPS, and those horror type of stuffs. I have a strange obsession of mythical creatures. I don't have any experience of recording a play through. I have a youtube channel, tho. But i never really upload anything. So um.. I kinda hope that i'll make new friends here. and i also kinda need some cool games suggestions cus that's pretty much why i came here for, ahahah.
Outtahere. \m/

Oct 18 2012, 5:25am Anchor

Hi! I'm hypermike, an artist for spotcat studio

I joined this forum to get some networks and to meet fellow indie devs. I'ld like to post some games we are producing too.


Oct 18 2012, 7:29am Anchor

Hey I'm Metal been following indie DB for some time but made an account recently. I been a gamer my whole life and love seeing innovation and new game concepts and just dig the indie community. I decided to join because i'm interested in learning more about game development and hopefully learn a thing er three. I have minor programming knowledge but would to enjoy to do 3D modeling and spriting. My main strength is music and writing (despite my bad grammer). :)

Oct 18 2012, 8:05am Anchor
Fully-Metal wrote:Hey I'm Metal been following indie DB for some time but made an account recently. I been a gamer my whole life and love seeing innovation and new game concepts and just dig the indie community. I decided to join because i'm interested in learning more about game development and hopefully learn a thing er three. I have minor programming knowledge but would to enjoy to do 3D modeling and spriting. My main strength is music and writing (despite my bad grammer). :)

"Grammar" ;)

Oct 18 2012, 8:25am Anchor

Haha good call ;) wasn't even intentional :P

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Oct 18 2012, 6:28pm Anchor

Hi all!
I used to be a big-time gamer. Haven't been playing as much lately, but still a casual gamer.

Anyway, I'm a writer mainly, though I do various other art-forms ranging
from drawing through sculpting.

Quite a while back I had an idea for a game, but lacked the skills to
follow through on it. Everyone I have talked to about it likes the idea,
but without a programmer who is proficient in C++ I can't actually make
I would love to recruit a team to help me make the game.

Oct 19 2012, 9:18am Anchor

I'm Stephen, and I've known about Desura for awhile but was happy hanging out on Gog instead. Found out recently that not only do you guys have Linux, but stand-alone downloads as well, so between that and no DRM, here I am.

Other than that I'm a 28 year old software developer, martial artist (Wing Chun), married, and a contributor to the corsix-th open source engine for Theme Hospital.

Oct 19 2012, 4:57pm Anchor

Hey, I'm Ari.

Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm an indie dev from Miami, FL.

Oct 20 2012, 6:51am Anchor

Hey, I'm Michael Roe, a young indie developer :)

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Oct 20 2012, 8:49pm Anchor

Heyo! I'm Andrew, running Ubuntu Linux 64-bit. This is an awesome service so far. I have purchased Postal 2 on here over GOG because it's cross platform. I hope to make even more purchases here in the future, as well as getting to know the community.

Oct 20 2012, 9:47pm Anchor

Hey, everyone. Nice to meet ya. I'm your new neighbour here so please guide me here as well.

A long-time gamer like others but the experiences I kept is my only advantage in game writing/programming. I have a little or some logic & creativity skills in drawing & literature (although my grammar is pretty bad) which motivate me to do my best in any works. Moreover, I have many idea in writing a storyline for game. But I am not good like everyone else . For now, I'm looking forward to be acquainted with other community members. :rambo:

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Oct 21 2012, 2:24am Anchor

HI! I'm fairly new,but just call me grouchbag.


"sweet"  little old lady

Oct 21 2012, 2:39am Anchor

i serching team which wont create cool RPG game like WOW. I working in this artstyle,and full of ideas how to make rerfect RPG.
1)new add combo elements in best players
2)epic eqipment,whot to make epic magic things
3)castle attacks
4)make a king(best server player)
5)make a king*s orden (some players)
6)spell bot hotkeys
7)mobs,that runn
8.mobs enter in packs,hunting,do not stand alone,hidden in vegetation can run away from the player(he will have to be tracked),some of the attack,some immediately. surround the player from all sides
it*s link of my works

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Oct 27 2012, 11:07pm Anchor

Hello, I am TheAspired. I am a 15 year old aspiring writer and creative designer. I do not have much experience working on a team, this is really the reason I joined. I do however, like some people, have a bit of experience using the Hammer and Unreal editors. My main goal on this site is to attempt to bring ideas I have to life! I figure that there are countless people here more talented and experienced than I, and I could really use some advice on how to get started. I am glad to have joined this site, and hope now to contribute to games by not just playing them, but by making them!

Thank you!

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