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Aug 27 2013 Anchor

So I was browsing Kickstarter for any interesting game projects, looking for anything that looked worth while when I stumbled upon this:

It's a free to play MMORTS which instantly got my attention and backing because.. Well, when was the last time you saw an MMORTS? Shattered Galaxy is the only one that comes to mind and that was forever ago and has long since stopped getting updates.

Anyway, it's a Castle Building, fantasy setting MMORTS where you try to become the ruler of all the lands and dynamic, real economics. That sounds pretty good to me on its own.

But then I read that if they hit 500k funding they'll be able to introduce heroes into the game that players will be able to control themselves and take to battle and the like, which is about as rare of a thing in games as an MMORTS as far as I've seen.

Just spreading the word since it's going to take more than my funding to get the game out there, especially since most of my money was just dumped into Tuition, and I really want to play it. :3

RTS Guru already interviewed the CEO of Animus Interactive and it gives a pretty good idea as to what they want to do with the game.

Aug 27 2013 Anchor

The kickstarter video is just unity scenes from the asset store, although I do like the concept art.


Someone wrote: Her?

Aug 28 2013 Anchor

I usually stay away from free-to-play genre because it often delivers a terrible experience by becoming a "pay-to-win".. especially since it's a mmo... a mmo requires an awful lot of ressources which are extremely expensive so the developer HAS to charge a lot compared to other games. and the fact that it's coupled with the free-to-play genre doesn't look good to me.
the developer can either bet the game becomes hugely popular and the game becomes profitable with non-impactful microtransactions or the game is not as popular as hoped and the developer is forced to introduce game-winning items/perks/whatever or otherwise it's bankruptcy
but on the other hand, they can manage a smaller-scale multiplayer and avoid these problems.
and hmm yeah.. there's no gameplay video demonstrating the game itself ; mechanics, etc. so it's not really convincing to me.
anyway, sounds like a pretty tough concept to make on its own. if it succeeds, I'll be surprised ! but it's possible

Aug 28 2013 Anchor

Just spreading the word since it's going to take more than my funding to get the game out there, especially since most of my money was just dumped into Tuition, and I really want to play it. :3

Sorry to burst your bubble but these projects don't usually succeed.

MMO's are tricky for kickstarting because building an alpha with networking code means immense work compared to single player games. Also RTS requires basic AI and hundreds of functions to even work on rudimentary level, complex UI for player control...This project tries to compare the genres essentially multiplying the complexity and amount of work. Programming and designing MMORTS gameplay requires tenfold if not hundredfold of work compared to simple genre, say platformer or survival horror game.

And they have 0 percent of it done. The viewer is lured in by displaying concept art and still scenes and pretty video editing. I've seen this thing fly a million times, sadly.

In addition they will need financial income for as long as the server is running and the game is playable. That means it won't be free to play. There will be adds, bought in-game content, microtransactions, auctioning, anything. In fact they're ALREADY talking about "game store credit". The fact that you can buy superior assets in a game with real world money just tends to ruin any game.

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