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Jul 15 2013 Anchor

Hi guys, I made a project for a game. I made a game design document,tell me if you like it. I also added some photos with buildings for the game, you can see them at my profile. I know to work with photoshop, I know 3d modelling.

What is the game?

This action-adventure game is about a boy with special powers who fights against villains.

Where does the game take place?

The action takes place in a city from projects such as "Cities of the Future", which combines the modern with the classic creating a fabulous atmosphere. As the story progresses, the character can travel to other places, the last chapter of the game unfolding in a military
base located in a forest.

What is the main focus?

The boy is fighting a foreign army that uses the latest technology to suppress the city. When there is no attack on the city, the boy is having fun choosing from a wide range of activities (can drive a boat,can go the amusement park,can attend a kick-boxing course, swim,
dance, can play tennis, can play music, can practice target shooting).

What’s different?

The difference between GTA and this game is the story because you see the world from the perspective of a little boy.


The boy can drive after completing some missions. Then he can choose to be part of the traffic police and bust the dangerous drivers. While police missions are on, any car you drive get a police flare and it unlocks certain functions such as shooting bullets, rockets, like any
car of James Bond. To stop a dangerous driver, you should use the weapons before he reaches a certain place. For each successful mission, the boy gets some money to buy a new car or other things.

The boy can buy music instruments. To learn songs, for each instrument you have to answer correctly to some general questions about that instrument and to recognize certain musical fragments after listening one of the songs. This is a good way to relax.

The boy can take dance lessons. To learn a specific dance, you'll watch first, then you will have to arrange some pictures with the moves made in their correct order.

The boy's father works in the army, so you can go to the training camp to try the obstacle course or to practice target shooting.
If you want to work at this game project, write me at email

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