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Need to put on Halo first offensive (Forums : Suggestions : Need to put on Halo first offensive) Locked
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Oct 4 2012, 2:59pm Anchor

need it. released. dont need to respond

Reqieumthefallen Whreck-wee-um!. Remember that.
Oct 4 2012, 6:37pm Anchor
omegasin wrote:need it. released. dont need to respond little of this thread or post makes sense.

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You know who's not got Facebook or Twitter? This guy.

Rank 119 -- only 118 more to go to reach the end bossfight...

Disclaimer -- the following below is NOT sarcasm:

Play Spec Ops: The Line. No, seriously, play it. NOW! It's probably still on sale on Amazon for crying out loud! I wish more games had balls like this game does, paired with some of the best writing, mechanics, and level design that's been seen this side of linear shooters.

Oct 4 2012, 8:11pm Anchor

a mod for C&C 3. just saying they should put it on in very few words i was in a rush.

Oct 25 2012, 6:58pm Anchor

Try asking the developers to do that.

Nov 14 2012, 12:52am Anchor

and using more words in a more coherent message.

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