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Predator_828 lurker
Nov 6 2012, 4:46pm Anchor

Nice work, think I might give modding my own profile a go some time...


[TZP]LoNer1 The HTML Predator
Nov 7 2012, 2:37am Anchor

I put the link up in my addons section :)


Visit my profile and ask me HTML related questions whenever you want!

Admiral_Skeybar Designer
Nov 8 2012, 2:04pm Anchor

I still find it such a shame that finding a code that does all this and works with Desura/IndieDB/SlideDB as well is such a mindbreakingly hard task... Otherwise I would have updated my profile as well.

You haven't found a way around that yet have you?


"Not lazy, I'm passive progressive."  

Nov 8 2012, 2:10pm Anchor

good design :)

[TZP]LoNer1 The HTML Predator
Nov 8 2012, 2:17pm Anchor


No, the solution is simple, but that would mean giving all 3 sites their own template, which I cant do :( And I use moddb-only so I dont mind it looking bad on the other 3 :)

BTW, your signature, you're half Dutch!? I never knew :)


Thanks man :)

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Visit my profile and ask me HTML related questions whenever you want!

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