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Aug 13 2013 Anchor
Element Storm

Here's my indie game demo I worked on.
User Posted Image
In this game you use some different classical elements and different powers combined with different moves to create interesting attack and defense combos.

I dont have good graphics now, although I am imagining something cartoonish, so to this point I focused more about gameplay...

Those combos include for example: using water+jet or water+beam to make enemies tangible for electric attack and then you use electric beam on them to cause more damage. Or you can use fire+jet to set people one fire so they catch other people on fire.

Also you can use those combinations for maneuver or even movement tactics - for example you can use smoke+cirBlast to cast smoke around you so enemies wont detect you, you can use electricity on yourself to make you dodge attacks faster, or you can use a teleport thrown object to throw and teleport to the thrown object destination.

User Posted Image
Basically, many fighting tactics can be accomplished. Also, to keep the fighting flow you use crafted weapons or crafted move combinations you create before entering battle situations that can be used as quick moves. For example - you click left mouse for one attack, left+right for another attack. You even get a different attack in right+left mouse button combo.
That way you have a nice amount of combos to use quickly.

I want to add some other different attacks and moves, like armor and several weapons induced with elements you craft, like fists, sword, hammer and stuff like that... This
way you will be also able to revive out faviourite superheroes and movie battles: like iron man with thrown object+explosion, metal armor, laser beam and so on
and thor and his electric hammer and enhance strength, and recreate their battle. Could be cool...

User Posted Image
video of me playing and dying twice:

game download link:
- Arrow movement. Space -> dodge to certain direction.
- Left, Right, Left+Right, Right+Left-> different mouse click combos for attacks.
- E -> swap between attack packs.
- CTRL + Left mouse -> Electric blast around you.
User Posted Image

worked pretty hard on this one, so hoping for feedback!:ninja:
and if this is not the place to publish, then please redirect...

Aug 14 2013 Anchor

I can see you've worked hard and congratulations on building that demo.

Unfortunately I can't playtest it ATM but I hope someone does and gives feedback because this kind of gameplay is always interesting. Don't give up because if you manage to make it look a little bit more sophisticated on the outside as well I'm sure you'll reach larger audience.

Are you aiming for single or multiplayer game? I'm asking because balancing the abilities for multiplayer is something very important yet often overlooked task that seems to be neverending process.

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