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Feb 3 2013 Anchor

My dad just recently called me and told me he wanted to start 3D modeling, though just for fun stuff, nothing like games and what not (at least not that I know of. I might be able to talk him into some stuff :)) He's done some research and found Zbrush and maya and wanted to know if either were better than the other. of course he'd rather not pay the money for 3dmax. My friend also told me about blender.

Any help/advice/whatever would be very much appreciated! :D
Thanks :)

Feb 3 2013 Anchor

Probably be best to try blender first, before spending any money on any software. Other software, like maya, does work a bit differently in terms of some methods and the UI's, but at least he'd know if its something to get into.
Then could try out sculptris, a free alternative to zbrush or mudbox, to sculpt details and things. And in the end if he really likes it all, get the trial versions of the costly software and beginner guides, if he likes it, should be no money wasted on getting the software. Trial versions last about 30 days, so, should be plenty time to get acquainted with the software.

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