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Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Dec 15 2008, 10:27am Anchor

So the staff here at ModDB are in fact gamers, so naturally we game for fun/work/hobbies etc. This includes on Christmas holidays. So we all have our stories about how gaming has affected our holidays with our family's and friends. So we want to know all about it! Tell us your stories so we can all share the in the magic that is gaming... I mean Christmas.... I mean Christmas gaming! Again we will talk about your answers on next weeks Modcast! You can find our discussion for the last thread on the modcast that has just released.

Looking foward to hearing your stories!

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Dec 16 2008, 11:27am Anchor

Example? :P


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Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Dec 16 2008, 11:44am Anchor
MadKill40 wrote:Example? :P

just listen to the modcast and you shall hear our examples. To give you a hint, ryan was a sneaky bastard as a child playing with his Christmas gifts before the actual date, chris' also unwrapping everyone's gifts. And mine involves receiving a game that has haunted me until now for being excessively difficult.


AJ_Quick Arty type thing
Dec 16 2008, 12:44pm Anchor

Got dark forces for christmas , around about 1995

Didn't work on our DOS-rig, so my dad spent a feverish week or so trying to jury rig it to start. Calling in favors from his office tech support division, et cetera.

Eventually i could blast stormtroopers.


"I will play but only if there is clopping" - Alex Quick, Sep 15 2012, 6:56am

Tokoya Is Stupendous!
Dec 16 2008, 12:47pm Anchor

Not much of a story, but I remember the first PS2 my family ever got, something like christmas '01 or '02 (when buying one nolonger meant pre ordering a shimpment a month or two in advance). Our first game was the original Devil May cry and we played and repeatedly beat that game until we finaly got tired of it and begged our mom to buy a second.

Many fights ensued over who had played the longest and who should beable to play undisputed non-stop the following day. I remember alot of yelling, a block of cheese flying from the living room and out a window, and plenty of charlie horses. Eventualy, (after about a month or two) we wore that cheap piece of crap to the bone, it didn't help much when my dad pried open the case and voided the warranty but everyone was devastated. We got a replacement after that, but the ps2 never had the same magic for me, or I'm sure, for my brothers.

Especialy not after that ps2 died, and we went onto a third, which "lasted" (if you can call trying to load a brand spankin new game forty times before it finaly chugged its way to the main menu lasting) until the slim model came out that is and I was too hooked into pc gaming to even care anymore. (okay, I cared a little...)

Not so much as a christmas story as a reminiscing about how crappy the original ps2's were, but hey, it all started around this time of year.

JoeX111 Tilting at windmills
Dec 16 2008, 12:55pm Anchor

One fateful year, I asked for what was sure to be a landmark game in the PC world. A title that would truly change the way we looked at first person shooters. It was, of course, Trespasser: Jurassic Park, a chance to wander around John Hammond’s Site B free of restrictions and barriers, exploring this newly reclaimed dinosaur kingdom and fighting tooth and nail to survive against some of nature’s deadliest predators.

Also, some reviews at the time spoke of a lesser known game called Half-Life, which I threw on my list because, what the hell, I didn’t have much else to play.

Anyway, as per my Christmas tradition, I waited for some alone time in the house and proceeded to probe, prod and puzzle over my presents, trying to determine what lay beneath the wrapping paper well before Santa came a-knockin’. Using a skill learned from an old point and click adventure game, I would press a piece of paper against each package and rub the pencil led against the paper, causing every indentation and—hopefully—every bit of text to show through. Needless to say, I discovered my long saught-after copy of Trespasser on the first try, but that Half-Life game was nowhere to be found.

Oh well, no big loss.

Christmas day came and went and so, too, did my faith in all the promises made by Dreamworks Interactive. Total freedom of movement? Ha! Try linear levels squeezing you between small hills. Crappy collision detection, useless ragdoll physics, hell, even the chance to knock a preciously balanced car onto a waiting velociraptor paled after trying desperately to aim your damn gun at something RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

It was a mess. A total misfire that punched me, a helpless fan, right in the face. Sure, it could be fun, in a misguided-three-legged-puppy-that-pees-on-the-rug kind of way, but it wasn’t what I wanted. It didn’t FEEL real. Talk about a grim Christmas.

Three days later, I went to my Grandparents house and they gave me Half-Life. Well, I thought, it’s got to be better than Trespasser.

I was not wrong.

Hendrix Tea maker extrodinaire
Dec 16 2008, 1:53pm Anchor

i got starcraft one christmas... not long after its release. So about 0800 i go upstairs and start my conquest. About 1430 i went down for christmas lunch, goose, bursself, potatoes, the whole lot. anyhoo... after stuffing my gob with glorious chritmas treats, i go back upstairs, but en-route I manage to comandeer a full tin of cadbury's Roses. I go back upstairs and get back into eat, slowly consuming every chocolate in the tin (including the god awful strawberry cream ones) and blaring david bowie from my CD player) and Slowly bloating in size, and feeling distgustingly fat.... At about 2000 i decide its time to either shit or puke... and head for the lavatory.

To this day i cant eat a penny toffee, or listen to space oddity without thinking of the battle on the amerigo.


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Dec 16 2008, 4:37pm This post has been deleted.
Dec 16 2008, 7:32pm Anchor

Hmm mine isn't that good. Only thing I can think of is when I was little my parents got my sister and me a Megadrive. On Christmas Eve they sat up until 4 am 'testing' Sonic to see if it worked, and then had the cheek to make me ask permission to play, and I was only allowed to play it for an hour at a time! Grrr.:P

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SupaNinjaMan And then...
Dec 16 2008, 8:18pm Anchor

Heh, I have one of these.

When I was about seven, we moved to our new house here in Odessa, I knew none of the neighborhood kids, none of the kids at my new school, basically, I knew no one, so I became a tad bit reclusive. I stayed in the house, always, I despised the desert landscape and the people inhabiting it. As our first Christmas there began to roll around I became pretty intense on the whole gaming scene, I was constantly playing our out-of-date SNES, playing Final Fight, Street Fighter, Megaman, Super Mario Brothers, whatever. So my dad decided it would be a grand idea for him to get me something I could carry around and give back his TV, so he bought me a Yellow Game Boy Pocket, and a Pokemon Red cartridge, I remember because one day, snooping around his break room at his new store, I noticed all these KB Toys bags, I decided they were mine, locked the door and looked through each and every one of them.

When I stumbled across the GB, I opened the box, only as careful as a child breaking the rules might, and inside was sitting my new GB. I was estatic, I opened it, layed out everything in a manner so that I might put it all together and place it back in the box so he won't notice. Turns out, the cartridge was a tad harder to get out of it's box, I ended up making it look like Freddy Krugier opened that poor box. After playing for an hour, I realized that I should put up before anyone noticed, but the Pokemon case was udder rubbish by now, so I kept it in the GB and put everything exactly how I found it.

On Christmas Day, I expected my Dad to notice that my GB had both batteries and a game included, and the fact the included game just so happened to be the one missing. Turns out, he didn't, because he didn't buy them, his assistant Jennifer did.

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PytoX Gangs4Life mod Leader
Dec 17 2008, 4:51am Anchor

I think one of the first games i got was Wacky Wheels, It was some old driving game with animals if anyone knows it :D

it was really fun. ;)

INtense! End Boss
Dec 17 2008, 6:12am Anchor

My story is very similar to toyoka only i'm a little older so it involves a NES not a PS2.

Essentially the best XMAS present ever received was a NES + Super Mario Brothers. Brilliant gift, only issue is my bro is older and never let me play the bloody thing. I still cannot believe how long it took us to clock that game given it is really only 8 small worlds - I guess its tough when you have no saves.

To this day my bro and I still argue about who clocked it first. naturally i'm certain I did.


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Hendrix Tea maker extrodinaire
Dec 17 2008, 6:21am Anchor

thinking about it, a friend of mine put his shoulder out playing on the wii when it first came out... spent the rest of the day up A&E... does that count?


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Arxae Resident Stepmania Freak :D
Dec 17 2008, 6:24am Anchor

nothing much for me
was playing in the PSOne (the smalle one) and my dog walked past, the cable of the controller hung after his neck en he pulled the console to the floor
fell from like 1-1.5m
nothing happend to the playstation tough, game even kept playing :p

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Dec 17 2008, 8:00am Anchor

Got a Playstation for Xmas and the games we got with it were just the best I've ever played(of course these were my first games I've ever played on a brand new console but still), Abe's Odyssey, V-Rally, Decent III, some other game that we must of neglected and Command & Conquer.
Well, it was not easy to share a single player platformer between 3 of us but our mum said 'take it in turns' which wasn't a bad idea to say you have unlimited lives and none of us knew HOW to play the damn thing and of course, this is when each of us decide to play tricks on eachother, one bro was playing, I was watching as my other brother was reading the manual, bro dies, my turn, other is still reading the manual.
Well he must of gotten to the part of the manual which tells you about the blinking mines, tap when it goes green to deactivate(I didn't know how to jump and they wouldn't tell me, bastards), well...I get to the mine and ask what to do and instead of getting what I just said all I hear is "PRESS IT WHEN IT BLINKS RED!" -_-
It was then my brothers turn and since he had just read most of the manual, it took him a while before he would die. But now that brother works in Subway so I guess he got what he deserves :D

All in all, One brother was good at Abe, one was good at V-Ralley and I was awesome at C&C, none of us enjoyed Decent III, suprisingly thats the only one we still have to this day. :P


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JoeX111 Tilting at windmills
Dec 17 2008, 1:26pm Anchor

One year, I got Resident Evil on PC for Christmas. I was so excited, as I'd been dying to play this game, since my console owning friends started raving about it. With all the love and care of a 13-year-old, I ran up to my room and loaded it in the computer. Minutes later, I was back in the living room, asking my dad, "What's a 3D card, and why don't I have one?"

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Neolight Art Slave
Dec 17 2008, 2:55pm Anchor

Around this time, in 1998, I had previously spent all of second and third grade awaiting a game called Starsiege. It was the third in a series known as Earthsiege, which was a worthy competitor to Mechwarrior. I arrived at Comp-USA with my mom and anxiously asked them if they had starsiege in stock. They said yes. I was overjoyed... until I was escorted to this weird ass box.

Starsiege: Tribes?

What the fuck was this?

It almost had the right name, but the box art was WAY off - depicting an ice field where a flag wielding asshole was being chased by a ferocious woman with a blaster and a UFO at her flank. Needless to say, a far-cry from the 75-ton walking tanks I craved and that's what mattered.

Fearing the worst, I bought it anyway along with Battlezone.

I really had no idea what I was in for. The impact Starsiege Tribes had on me was simply profound. Profound enough that I had to switch schools. I fell into such love with it's atmosphere, community, and grueling 32 player matches that I almost abandoned studying that year. In fact, it has continued to be an integral part of my life today, I'm currently doing conceptart and textures for TribalWars - total conversion of Quake Wars in the vein of Tribes.

Certainly, it was a holiday gift to remember. (not to overshadow battlezone, which was also a great game)

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ninjadave Aka Dave
Dec 20 2008, 2:04pm Anchor

You know...

I don't actually have any Christmas gaming stories.
No one actually buys me anything game related.

Huh... That is so weird...



"Assaultman67 proudly rates a 7 out of 10 for Dave's interesting level."

Dec 20 2008, 10:04pm Anchor

Surely you must buy yourself something for christmas, that's what Henley does.


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Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Dec 20 2008, 11:13pm Anchor
MadKill40 wrote:Surely you must buy yourself something for christmas, that's what Henley does.

lol wut man?


Jyffeh I am arch jailbird scowl.
Dec 20 2008, 11:24pm Anchor

Why do you mention Henley in almost every single one of your posts?


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Yak.RUS wrote:We had a girl in my school that took LCD and now she thinks shes a balloon for the rest of her life.
Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Dec 20 2008, 11:25pm Anchor
Jiffy_No0b wrote:Why do you mention Henley in almost every single one of your posts?

I want to know as well...


=EMPEROR= Well, well, well
Dec 20 2008, 11:41pm Anchor
Henley wrote:
Jiffy_No0b wrote:Why do you mention Henley in almost every single one of your posts?

I want to know as well...

Insufficient funds friends

My Xmas story for all years is get wasted yeeeeeeeeeeeeeey....

Dec 20 2008, 11:44pm Anchor
Jiffy_No0b wrote:Why do you mention Henley in almost every single one of your posts?

because he's that awesome I just have to stick Henley's name into my posts. <3 Also, I'm his stalker :D


86. Stick it in yo butt.
=EMPEROR= Well, well, well
Dec 20 2008, 11:49pm Anchor

My Xmas gift.

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