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Aug 25 2013 Anchor

Merchant Tycoon is a very challenging game that is like 4 way realtime chess with a vibrant terrain filled with natural resources, marketplace, and an alliance system. It will force you to use strategies you have never used! Merchant Tycoon is designed to maximize the frequency and complexity of interactions with other HUMAN players. Merchant Tycoon is about negotiating, bartering, and your relationships with other players. From the very beginning to the very end you will be struggling to survive!

In merchant tycoon you will likely not have access to all commodities you need to survive and you will need to trade commodities in order to survive. You will experience shortages of all commodities including food, market crashes, war, and monopolies which will all effect the prices of commodities and will need to know how to react in order to survive. When you are in a strong position players are going to ally and gang up on you. When you are weak players are going to snuff you out and take your territories. Players are going to undercut your prices, insult you, and attack you! Players will also turn other players against you, capture your territories and salvage your buildings, try and trick you into tributing them commodities, and send you low ball offers for your commodities for sale. Players will also try and charge you as much as they can for their commodities for sale! Once in a while though you will find a worthwhile ally that will be on your side to the very end and you can both win the game together with allied victory!

The action is realtime and you have to quickly evaluate what you should buy and sell, when to do it, and how long to wait before you accept an offer. You will also learn how to work together and break up teams by economical, military, and by persuasive methods. Virtually all of your decisions will be based on the actions of other players.

Its a lot of fun, check it out at!


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