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Jul 29 2013 Anchor

So I had these idea while reading some books on nordic mythology for a test. You would be a new hero elevated to a god, freshly taken from a battlefield by a Valkyrie. Now, Midgard would be right out unless there was a system to recruit only the most powerful of the warriors, say a Valkyrie outpost, for balance you would hire extremely expensive dudes or extremely weak (compared to the gods) that are super cheap.
Every faction would battle the corresponding enemy faction, say, Aesir would battle Jotunnheim, and I guess Loki ould either be an aspiring occupier to the throne much like Far-seeker (after escaping from Jormungandr's weight), or he would be a misfit amongst the aesir that could defect into Jotunnheim/Helheim or raise his own kingdom.
Obviously the most populated kingdom (I guess) would be Helheim, as every non-honourable person would inhabit it.
It' s just a random idea, obviously the kings would have the corresponding leader in the mythology (Aesir: Odin, etc.) and I guess, like in Light and Darkness, there would be special creatures, like, you would encounter Jormungandr, Fenrir, or Surtr wandering around their respective places.

On a side note, it would be pretty awesome if an "emissary" of sorts were to be sent out by Hel to a place where there was a battle, you know, as if to claim souls.


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