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Jan 10 2014, 12:13pm Anchor


I am very actively using ModDB and developing my company here. While working like that, I have found it to be very difficult to message every member of the company. Is there a function such as a mass mail to everyone who is a member of the group/company, or not? Cause I haven't found one. However, I would love for such a feature to be added. It makes communication within the group just so much easier.

Anyone else who shares my opinion or has an argument against it? If there is nothing negative about it, would it be possible to add such a thing?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Kyou. Mornin.
Jan 10 2014, 6:13pm Anchor

I think moddb already can do this, you have have a limit of 20 people in one private conversation, and reading the private message page it says ;

I never tried it before but it says any Group and Company so if you wanted to send a message to other Ex Unitae Vires members you can via the group page then under profile click send message. It should come up that your sending a message to group12785 then anything you send in that message will be received.

TKAzA Community Manager
Jan 10 2014, 8:35pm Anchor

You can message the team of a group, there is a contact link (right top widget) on the group/company page, this will not message every member of the group but will contact the group leaders.

Jan 11 2014, 8:18pm Anchor

Well, my suggestion was to create something like on MyBB forums, where you can send mass mails to every servergroup you choose. For the groups that would mean that the leader (or someone with admin rights) could choose "Mass Mail" and then the groups he wants to send it to. That way members could be messaged far more easily than having to copy every single member name into a PM form.

TKAzA Community Manager
Jan 13 2014, 3:51pm Anchor

There shouldn't be a need for you to mass mail that many people, if its un solicited thats basically spam.

What are you trying to do.

Jan 13 2014, 3:55pm Anchor

Just tried to contact all my company members about important news for the company, and noticed it took very long for me to PM them seperately :) Not trying to spam ;)

TKAzA Community Manager
Jan 14 2014, 8:11am Anchor

Ok so lets say you want to contact your dev group.

Would be the link to use.

Jan 14 2014, 2:03pm Anchor

TKAzA wrote:Ok so lets say you want to contact your dev group.

Would be the link to use.

Amazing. Thank you ;) That's all I needed.

Jan 24 2014, 5:33pm Anchor


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