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Oct 1 2010 Anchor


I have a question regarding how to make a proper bump map in GIMP. I mean with any texture. I don't have photoshop nor have the money for it.
Anyway, what I did was open a image, this one to be exact.
User Posted Image
(From CG textures]

Well, then I created a blank pic the same size. I desaturated it, then went to Filters/map/bump map. I made a bump of the original pic from a drop down list, and then I get this.
User Posted Image

If I were to import the texture into Unity or some other program, it would look like this when I apply the normal texture and the map.
User Posted Image
Is this the correct way to bump map?

Thanks in advance.

Oct 31 2010 Anchor

Try a more precise normal mapping plugin instead
the plugin you have might simply create grayscale bump maps
good luck

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Oct 31 2010 Anchor

Normal and Bump maps work in a vastly different way.
But it can be solved in 2 ways:
1. Like ChadaFACE said, get a plugin that outputs normal maps instead of bump maps
2. Tick the "Generate from grayscale" checkbox in unity (after selecting the normal map texture type)



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