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Jan 23 2013 Anchor

About SuperTuxKart STK

Our game has been in active development for seven years and it is one of the most popular open source games, with over 2.5 million downloads. It's available for anyone for free on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Solaris. STK is also translated into many languages, so you can share your work with anyone in the world.

The game is fully playable and the game mechanics are reaching a mature state. However, the game needs to feel more alive and interesting. We would like to have more level animations and interesting visuals. You can already racer under the ocean, in a mini golf course, in outer space, on an alien planet and through a snowy mountain. We'd love to see what you can think of. With your creativity you can help make SuperTuxKart a truly great game with exciting levels that make people say, "that's so awesome". We appreciate all well paced levels. You can download it here and if you want to get involved, visit us at our forums.

Level Design

Blender 3d is used for both modeling karts and for designing tracks in SuperTuxKart. Experience with blender (or at least other modeling programs)is necessary for this. Note that learningblender can be difficult. Read this page for resources and tutorials about blender. Here is our tutorial for using Blender 3d for track design:

  • Replace models that do not fit the game's cartoony feel

  • Add new objects
  • Such as trees, bushes, architecture, wildlife, scenery.
  • Incorporate new features into new and existing levels such as:
    • More animations in scenery (waterfalls, objects rolling around, trains going on a track, non opponent cars driving on the track, animals walking around, (or other moving obstacles and environmental hazards)

    • Using the cannon which shoots the player across the track
      • (The cannon is specifically used to avoid otherwise slow and boring uphill sections).

      • The cannon can be used sparingly, but we'd like several tracks to incorporate it.
    • Ramps/jumps, trampolines
    • Moving terrain, e.g. conveyor belt, or a shallow stream
    • Higher resolution textures
      • Where necessary – of course generally keep the resolution as low as possible

  • Make a series tutorials (video or online) on level designing for STK

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