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May 6 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself a little bit! I'm a French software engineer and since I'm a boy I'm fully dedicated to playing, I always wander how they worked and now I take great pleasure to make them.
I'm also the lead project manager of the Xtrem Team Project which is building a Space Opera MMORPG game called Lyxae: The Cycle of Infinity

We are working with 4 other guys since September 2012 to design the game mechanism, universe and story. We decided that is time for us to grow up and find some more interested Developers, Designers, Writers and Community Managers to support this massive project. We are perfectly aware that MMO can be a huge challenge but that's what we love to do ;)
This project is built on an Open Community spirit which aims to create a Game Studio Company. However before this goal can be reached we have to prove ourselves we can build something interesting around what our future company could be based on.

Find out more about the Project:

The Game

This game project is based on several game-play key points. We have created a complete fictional story involving many races, plots, opportunities in a stimulating environment. Everything, including the game world evolution is based on player's action across the galaxy. Each decision taken by players can potentially change the entire future of the saga and other player's future as well.

Lyxae is a wide open Galaxy allowing players to explore their environment aboard their own ships, participate in epics space battle to defend their race's territory or simply to expand their wealth. Everything occurs in space, or it seems... There is a wide range of space-station, from military dock yard to industrial facilities where players are allowed to dock, walk inside, interact with npc, have a drink make deals with other players, repair their ship and so on...

Unlike other MMO's, there will be no level, class or skill branch in this game. Instead more than 25 professions will bring players infinite combination from scientist, politician or regular military. You will have a starting number of professional points and able to spend them wherever you want, build a character as you like to. Each profession is composed from various specializations that once mastered unlock new skills, features, ships, stations, schematics, attributes etc...

More about Game Overview:

Joining the Team Project

By joining the team you are going to be part of a rich human adventure and will find great skills income which will improve your knowledge. We all share a common passion for video games, new technologies and what will be built tomorrow. Joining the crew its also wanting to create high quality game content dedicated to our players.
Whatever your contribution to Lyxae, you will be fully recognize and quote to game's credits. When you join us we offer you the possibility to sign an actual contract which will guarantee you a job when the Game Studio will open regarding what you did during the project. This is of course bound to the success of the project itself.
The Team management is conducted like if we were a real company with professional tools that support the project. It's always good to have this kind of experience to add to his CV or portfolio ;)

Join us in this adventure:

What about the technical details

The Game Client is built over Unity 3D v4 and all scripting is written using C#. The Server Logic is built over the .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.0 using C# as well. We already have conducted some POC (Proof Of Concept) to connect a Unity Client to our server architecture and it works quiet well. We are conducting some loading test to ensure that our design could support over 20 000 connection per second as well as around 6000 players at the same time.
We also started to think about a real server architecture which can be hosted with a professional in order to open our betas environments. We also want to start the long process of Concept Art to define the global Game Design. We also plan on creating what we called a story Timeline, entirely illustrating and animated, to present the Galaxy's story to our players.

We need you !

To make all of this possible we need you, your passion and your skills.

  • If you are Illustrator
  • or a 3D Designer
  • or an Animator
  • If you have skills in C# (or even java) programming
  • or good Network understanding
  • or Game mechanism experience
  • If you are a Writer
  • or want to Manage a Community
  • or to Compose the Game OST / FX

And share our passion for Space Opera Video Games, join us !
Thank you for your time and we hope to see you soon.

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William HARY
Lyxae Lead Project Manager

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