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Jun 17 2014 Anchor

Hi folks I figured this would be a good place to get started as I’ve got some ideas I want to get out there. Both are pretty simple 2D games but I reckon they could work.

Ok so the setting of the first game is a floating city called the Ark and the genre is horror cyberpunk. The Ark is a completely eco friendly floating city that was developed by the European Union as a way to combat rising water levels. The Ark was cofounded by R&D companies from across the world who maintain laboratories on board the Ark as payment for their involvement in the project. In many ways the Ark is simply a way to prove the Floating City Concept and is not designed for to house a civilian population. Instead the Ark is mainly home to researchers and the like. Other larger Arks are planned for the future but for now the only one is The Ark on which the game takes place.

The Ark is working very well and everyone is very pleased with it, the party ends when the Ark is hit by some kind of computer virus that renders the ark inoperable and releases what the scientists have been developing down in their labs. This is the beginning of the game.

Gameplay is split between two Characters, Lawrence “Larry” Gomez and Elaine Carter. Gomez is a Lab tech who has to make his way from the bowels of the Ark up to the top levels. He spends the game unarmed and his sections are stealth based. Carter on the other hand is a member of the Ark Security Group or ASG. She is armed and must fight her way down through the Ark for a reason known only to her. Her sections are more action based and play like a twin stick shooter.

The plot is important to this idea as I have a kind of shock reveal planned and I want the whole game to have a conspiracy type feel where the two characters don’t get the full picture but the player does as they see it from two perspectives.

My second idea is a Western Steampunk style shooter/ platformer. This idea is less well fleshed out but the basic plot is a female Assassin employed by shady organisation takes several jobs that involve her using her skills to take out targets across a varied fictional landscape. The plot for this one is pretty much a straight revenge story but I have some characters in mind for the Targets.

The gameplay I guess would be similar to Contra.

I kind of want to develop games as a hobby and I was looking for some input in how best to achieve this. I’m an absolute newbie at developing games and was hoping for some advice on what software I should consider using and whether or not either of these are feasible for a newcomer. I love writing and originally joined ModDB to just write scripts for mods but it’s kinda hard to get involved with teams so I figured I’d give making a game a shot. I’m looking to keep things as simple as possible and any advice would be appreciated. At the moment I’m looking at a product called gamemaker studio and was wondering if this would be a good purchase.
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Jun 26 2014 Anchor

If you like the idea of making a game, stick with ideas. If you actually like making games and want to truly get into developing, learn how to program if you don't know how to already. GameMaker is good for beginners only for the most part, but I'm not sure about the paid version so take that with a grain of salt. If you want to make a game that can stand the test, invest time into learning how to program. Try learning Lua and then you can make a solid 2D game with Love2D. Start with small games though and don't waste your best ideas until you're proficient.

Of course, if you have money to invest you can just hire people to do it for you!

Jun 26 2014 Anchor

Nope I'm totally up for learning how to make a game from the ground up as a hobby. I just want to know the best way to get started and learn. I don't want to ask other people to make my ideas I'd preffer to develop the skills myself. Thanks for your advice though and I'll look into the software you mentioned.

Jun 27 2014 Anchor

My advice would be to not focus on game development right away. That's an easy way to get frustrated and quit after a short time.
It's just a lot of work to get it done, and even more work to get it done properly.

Learn programming. No GameMaker or other specific game development tools. Learn programming itself, since this will open a whole world of possibilities for you.
Programming is the core skill you use to make your ideas come true. :D

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MiNTO Dark Spirits
Jul 10 2014 Anchor

First things first, think smaller. Not saying your ideas are bad but if this is your first game you want to start small and learn the basics. Getting a good grasp of the fundamentals will help with these bigger game projects. If you can and have the patience, learn a programming language but if your like me just use a tool of somewhat, I recommend Game Maker. I would recommend Game Maker any way as you will want to test your core mechanics as soon as possible.

You will also want to do a bit of learning on Game Design, Art, Programming and Testing before setting off. I would also recommend (and I hate doing this) is writing a FULL design document and asset list as well. If you work with other people it helps to have this documentation so they understand your idea.

Also, don't get distracted by other ideas when your working on a game. I've done it, friends have done it and companies I've worked for have done it, and it all ends in panic, suffering and/or pain. Write them into a note book and come back to them once your finished. I should have finished Pixel Raiders by now but panicked and worked on some very disappointing wee games for mobile.... I wanted a quick buck :(

Last thing, have fun doing it. If your not having fun making the game then your not doing it right.


Jul 17 2014 Anchor

Thanks for all the input everybody suffice to say I've had a healthy dose of reality and have massively scaled back my expectations. This ain't easy! It is fun though getting small things to work. I'm playing around with Love2d and pretty much just learning at the moment. I see I was definitely trying to run before I could crawl.

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